Top Christmas Gifts for the Pup in Your Life - Brittany Davies

All year long our fur-babies shower us with love, so doing the same for them at Christmas is a no brainer! Whether you’re a first-time dog-mom or a seasoned pawrent, here are some ideas to have ready under the tree for your pup on Christmas morning that they are sure to love! 

Christmas Gifts for the Fashion-forward Pup

Christmas gifts for the fashion-forward pup in your life!

Christmas gifts for the fashion-forward pup in your life!

Friendship Collar - Okay, so maybe this one is geared more toward the dog momma who loves to match her fur baby, but what pup can resist a new “necklace?” With tons of designs to match any dog personality, show off your and your fur baby’s style with a matching bracelet for you! Visit their website here to pick your matching duo out!


Personalized Bandanas - There’s nothing cuter than a freshly groomed pup with a bandana around their neck! Etsy has tons of sellers that will personalize bandanas to suit any pupper. The one pictured is made by Howell Pet Originals.


Tags for Hope - Not only does this provide a great form of identification for your dog, but the profits go toward support for animals at no kill shelters. The identification tags look like mini driver’s license featuring a pic of your pup, their name, your address (and you can add your vet’s address), and defining physical traits, all made with quality materials that withstand the wear a tear a dog can put them through. Head over to Tags for Hope by clicking here.


Matching Pajamas - just when you’ve thought you’ve seen everything, you haven’t! Now YOU can match your pup at bedtime. Fabdog has sets of unisex pajamas for the pawrents and little PJ’s for Fido. Just imagine the cuteness of the family picture on Christmas morning! 

Christmas Gifts for the Luxury-loving Pup

Christmas gifts for the luxury-loving pup in your life!

Christmas gifts for the luxury-loving pup in your life!

Heated Dog Bed - Well chances are they’ll still end up in bed with you, having this heated option available after their escapades out in the winter cold will be a warm welcome inside. The bed comes in multiple sizes, has a washable cover, and is energy efficient/low voltage for safety.


Furrybaby Premium Fleece Blanket - I don’t know about you all, but my dogs love plush blankets. Purchase this soft, warm option so your pup can have to call their own!


Canine Anxiety and Calming Essential Oils - While it is very important to make sure the oils you are using are safe for your pets, this brand has two blends that are made up of dog-safe oils that promote relaxation and relieve stress.


Oatmeal Paw Butter - Just as the winter cold can cause havoc on our skin, it can also harm our pup’s paws. Keep their paws hydrated and healthy with this paw butter!

Christmas Gifts for the “Foodie” Pup

Christmas gifts for the dog-foodie in your life!

Christmas gifts for the dog-foodie in your life!

Nylabone - My dogs freak out over these things! Not only do they come in a variety of flavors, but they come in levels of durability based on your dog’s chewing level. My girls are both pittys, so I opt for the power chews.


Personalized Food Dish - I absolutely love these dog bowls from Etsy seller, Susabellas. There are so many options out there that you’re sure to find one your dog will love and will go along with your decor.


And lastly….


TREATS! - What dog says no to a treat? I am a huge advocate for feeding pups foods that are natural, healthy, and vet approved. I stick with products made in the USA, and when possible, make my own. My motto is if I wouldn’t eat it, why would I feed it to my pups!


I hope you all enjoyed my list and I hope I’ve been somewhat of a help! Share your ideas for gifts with us and more importantly, share those Christmas morning puppy pictures! Happy holidays, puppy baby mamas!


** Main blog post photo provided by Some Pets!.