Clay By Kristia

In the past year since we have started Gal’s Best Friend I have seen so many amazing and talented artists that capture the love we all have for our fur-babies! But when I came across Clay by Kristina, i was BLOWN away! I a mean just look at this beautiful piece of art she did of @pharrellandrosie, I am so obsessed!


Kristina’s clay story started over 6 years ago when she took a ceramics class during college. From that one class she was guided by friends who taught her and challenged her in her new found talent. She began making sculpture after sculpture! Kristina’s friends pushed her more and more and her art was soon being displayed in galleries, both in her local town of Riverside County and in LA!


Kristina’s story continued after her own pup passed away. For anyone that has ever lost a dog, we all know how incredibly hard and heartbreaking this is for anyone. Towards the end, she decided to make him a urn and sculpt his face. Being able to see her sweet pups face on his urn, brought her happiness and brought back so many memories that they had shared. Feeling like she could bring that happy feeling and thoughts to others, she decided to make her friends and family some tiles of their own.


One day she decided to make her Uncle two dog tiles. Sadly, he found out that he had to put one of his dogs down. Kristina told him about her idea and asked for some pictures. The moment her Uncle unwrapped his tiles and began to cry will be something She says she will never forget this. Kristina truly hope that every tile she make brings happiness and the feeling of love.

Kristina’s love for dogs runs deep. She has always had dogs in her life. The dog she had the closest bond with was her pup Biscuit, she for him when she was in the 6th grade. Anytime she was having a bad day or wasn’t feeling good he would make sure to check in on her and give her kisses. Every time she makes a clay portrait, she things of him!

Today Kristina is killing the game and has found her true calling of bring dog parents joy all over the world! Her work is so unique and outstanding! If you are looking for a gift for a fellow #dogmom or just for yourself, make sure you check out Clay by Kristina!


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