For us working dog moms, worrying about our fur-babies all day long is a REAL struggle! I mean, I worry about what Pharrell, Rosie and Rumba are doing 100% of the day. Like, are they bored, are they sleeping, are they messing up my apartment, are they mad at me for leaving them for 8 hours a day? The thoughts keep going and going. I am always looking for something to keep them entertained and busy while I am away. I have found a few things here and there, but with two Border Collies, it keeps their attention for about 1 hour IF THAT! So when I heard about Clever Pet, my mind was blown!


CleverPet hub is a game console for your dog that actually keeps them engaged and entertained for hours and keeps them wanting to come back for more. CleverPet was designed by dog-loving neuroscientists who wanted to give pups’ minds a puzzle that actually challenged them. The thought behind this amazing product is that dogs are used to working for their food, they actually love working for their food! Humans have made this too easy and taken all the fun out of it by just feeding them every morning and every night at the same time. CleverPet has made our pups’ dreams come true by having them work for their meals again. While feeders give out kibble by the dozens and puzzle toys hold a few treats at a time, the CleverPet Hub lets you provide continuous engagement for hours and hours every day.

The best thing about CleverPet is that it is easy for the humans and hard for the pups! For real, it may take you about 10-15 minutes to set it up and your fur-baby hours and hours to get all the treats out of it! There is a little training involved, but most pups catch on fairly quick!

First, your fur-babe with learn to explore the touchpads on the CleverPet! They will quickly learn that the touchpads lead to food by them placing their paws on them. This challenges them and also encourages them! It was so fun to watch them master this one! The best part was that the beach mutt from Dominican Republic got it down way before the two Border Collies! Not sure if it was just her drive to get food or if she is really smarter than them! After they master the connection of paw to pad, they get to take on the lights! To get the treats, they must touch their paws to the touchpad when it lights up. This one took a little longer to master for Pharrell and Rumba but Rosie was on it like white on rice. SIDE NOTE: if you have more than one dog, make sure you train them on the CleverPet at different times, I learned this one the hard way. As they master the light sequences, the level goes up and up and they consistently get it right!  

How it works for us humans:

1. Fill Hub with their kibble or their favorite treats!

2. Hub activated. Kiss them Goodbye and walk away!

3. They can learn and play anytime of the day!  

4. Happy pup, happy human.

The CleverPet is a must have for every dog owner out there! Trust me, your pup will thank you with kisses and snuggles as soon as you get home everyday! They will also be satisfied with their day! Please do yourself and your pup a favor by checking out CleverPet!