Coconut Oil and Your Pup

I know this is a dog blog, but can we just take a moment to discuss how amazing coconut oil is for YOU! Coconut oil is my new favorite! Especially in this “hippy-ish” all natural world that we’re evolving into (and I’m loving every changing bit of it, by the way), it is the bees-knees (yep, I sure did say that). The two legged and the four legged can both see HUGE benefits from this amazing oil. I’m talking on the inside and on the outside... game changing oil!

Ok, enough of the bragging, I’ll explain how!

Let me start by saying you always want to do your research before adding anything into your pup’s diet. Make sure you check things like your pups size/weight when adding coconut oil into their daily intake. You should always start with small doses and ease the oil into your dog’s diet. However, there are TONS of other ways that I use coconut oil, externally!

First, what I recommend is virgin, un-refined and organic coconut oil.You can literally find this EVERYWHERE! That is how popular it is becoming.

A little backstory… using coconut oil has increasingly become more and more popular to the two legged because of the disinfecting and healing components that the oil contains. The medium chain triglycerides (yes, I had to look this information up) are effective antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral compounds (which basically translates to: it helps the digestive tract). And my personal favorite, using it as deep conditioner. So the great news is that these amazing benefits get to be shared with your furball!

Usually when our pups little nose gets dry, we assume he/she is not feeling well. However, this isn’t always the case. Pups get dry skin just like we do! So, just as I rub coconut oil over my sunburned skin, I also use it to moisturize Drake’s nose or even his paw pads! This is so wonderfully perfect after a long run or bike ride. I like to coat Drake’s paws with oil and really rub as much into them as I possibly can (because he will likely want to lick it off his paws, which is GREAT for him too!)

I personally cook everything on the stove with coconut oil instead of vegetable or canola oil. Besides being fewer in calories, the health benefits are huge! Coconut oil is known to keep humans digestion system… well... running “the right way” (if you catch my drift), not to mention it can also give you a little pop of energy. Although you can easily find several kinds of doggie treats that are made with coconut oil, I just like mix up a little bit into Drake’s food at night, easy peasy! Okay... he also occasionally licks a bit off my spoon after I’m done cooking with it too.

BIG ONE...There is a lauric acid that is inside of coconut oil and can work as a NATURAL (there is that word we love again) flea repellent for dogs!!!!! Yep. This is awesome. Especially in Texas where we unfortunately had ZERO freezing weather this winter, the fleas and bugs are going to be rough this summer. With that being said, this is a great alternative to the expensive stuff that you have to apply to your pup monthly (and filled with chemicals, I might add. I’m serious, you should look into it). On top of everything, it is so EASY! All you do is lightly apply the oil over your dog’s fur, getting as close to the skin as you can. Then, you can just brush the excess oil onto your pup's fur for a fresh and shiny coat boost! (Two perks in one!!)

Tip: You may want to apply the oil to your fur baby outside. After research, I have learned that coconut oil is known to kill the fleas fairly quickly and you don’t want any of the runaways escaping into your home!

The only downside I have found is that I have had to apply more frequently. This is all based on how well I get the oil to contact Drake’s skin and how long it remained there. (Meaning did he shake it off or lick it off… probably a little bit of both!) Also, you’re also probably thinking, “oil, all over my dog?” Yes, it does make their fur a little “greasy,” after applying it. My biggest tip to avoid any oils on your carpets, or whatever it is you would be worried about, is to brush them several times before they come back inside. With Drake, this seems to take most of the “greasy” feel away!

Last, but definitely not least, the idea of coconut oil curing cancer in canines. Now, being that I cannot testify to this on my own, I am going to leave this to you and your own personal research. I have, however, read MANY articles and have found testimonies proving this to be a true thing… which is AMAZING! Definitely something to look into if your fur baby has been sadly diagnosed. With all of this in mind, whether or not coconut oil can cure cancer, it can help in SO many other ways. I strongly urge you to give it a shot in any of the above manners. I promise you and your pup, will not be disappointed. Like I said in the beginning, coconut oil, in the words of my boyfriend, is a GAME CHANGER. So what are you waiting for, go to the store and pick up a jar!