New Year, new bandanas right? If that’s not a hashtag then it needs to be. Well, that is what I am telling myself at least! We all know that I love bandanas for Pharrell, Rosie and Rumba, like LOVE. There is just something about a dog in a bandana that gets me going! With that being said, it’s pretty clear that I am always on the lookout for the best of the best out there and every time I think I can't find something better than the last, i do! When I came across CollarDoos, I was once again blown away. Her prints and patterns are to die for! It safe to say, that by mid-2018 I will have them all. Kristen is the mastermind and owner of CollarDoos! She is the ultimate dog mom making her dreams come true by doing what she loves for who she loves, her fur-babies Scooby and Scrappy! We asked Kristen a few questions about how she got started, her fur-babes and what keeps her going!  

How did you get started?

I loved dressing up our 2 Great Danes, Scooby & Scrappy, with accessories I was making by hand, to set them apart as boy/girl. What started as a craft quickly turned into a side business, and then a full blown online shop!

Six years ago, my husband, Nate, and I set out to create the very best dog accessories for our pups. We wanted to design accessories that would really pop, and also set our dogs apart as male and female, allowing their personalities to come to light. The idea of flower and bow tie collections was born, and we have since perfected our craft and added additional collections to coordinate-collars + leashes and bandanas, as well as a line of apparel for dog-lovers alike!

Tell us about your pups!

Scooby + Scrappy- the goofy Harlequin Dane faces behind the brand, always repping our latest accessories. They fit the perfection definition of Great Danes: gentle giants, who love being lazy, and spend the majority of their day sleeping on the couch! They both have a brown eye/blue eye, everyone thinks they are related because they look so much alike, but they are from different parts of Ohio, and Scrappy was a rescue pup!

What and who influence your work?

We are big into trending fashion, and stay up on the latest styles, so we can offer that to our customers, for both dog accessories, and human apparel!

We are proud to have partnered with a number of foster and rescue organizations in Ohio and across the US, donating a portion of our sales. We also work with a number of photographers in the area, who take pictures of shelter dogs, donating product for us in adoption photos. The success stories that have been shared with us are so heartwarming-adding passion behind what we do!

What keeps you inspired?

I love photography! When I see our designs come to life, I love getting to host photoshoots, both product and lifestyle, to see our products in the real world! it is also very inspiring and rewarding to see how our customers incorporate our products into the special occasions in their lives-Christmas card photos, birthdays, engagement and wedding sessions! We are tagged in photos each day-from owners who share their love of their pets, treating them like family, including them in life’s special moments. CollarDoos has become an online community, designed around our customers and their dogs! We share the love of our fur-babies with you, and you share yours right back! Join us on our journey as we share photos and tell our story on social media.

Now that you are just obsessed with Kristen and CollarDoos as we are, make sure you go and check out all her good and get some new gear for the new year! CollarDoos has everything from bandana and bow ties, to collars and leashes and even some shirts and other goods for us humans!