#CrazyDogLady guide to Valentines Days

We have all been there, you know, the moment you realize that you are still single and the biggest love interested in your life is the fake one you have with Sam Hunt. As if being back home for Christmas with your family asking you, “When are you getting married? Anytime soon? I thought you’d have a ring and two kids by now!” wasn’t bad enough,… Valentine’s Day came all too soon.

I am a firm believer that God doesn’t give us someone when we aren’t ready. And that goes for all the Sam Hunt look alike’s out there as well! God isn’t going to give you someone if he is “the one” at the wrong time. I believe that both people have to be at the right place in their life to meet each other and for it to actually work. There have been many times that I have been with someone who I thought was “the one” but timing was off and we both ended up getting our hearts broken.

So with ALL that being said, a dog is the best bet, hands and paws down!!! They never leave you, cheat on you, say mean things! All they do is love you, come when you call, cuddle and kiss you whenever you want! So what is better than having a Valentine’s date with your 4 legged fur-child?…..Umm, nothing!

My perfect date night with my fur baby is a bottle of wine for me, some snacks and treats for him, a little photo shoot for insta (duh), some toys all over the floor and watching Must Love Dogs! We have pulled together some fun things to make your night-in, on the most overrated day of the year, absolutely pawfect! Trust me, this is better than all your girlfriends that will just end up getting in a fight with that man-child anyways!


1. A bow tie for your handsome date! 

2. A pink bed to pass out on in the middle of the movie! 

3. A pink leash, for the potty breaks or the second trip to the wine store down the block

4. A flower crown for you pretty pup, and also great for a you as well! 

5. Heart shape toys, to show your pup the love

6. Macaroon for your pup to enjoy why you enjoy yours! 

7. Leela Ryan’s Wild Berry Scones for your pup to sit pretty for you, to get that pawfect pic! 

8. WINE, just WINE.

9. A funny card to send to someone who just gets you and your obsession.

10 A pup inspired dish cloth to clean up with after you date night

11. Must Love dogs! 

12. A little blue box for you fur- babe!

13. Kissy lips toy! I mean COME ON! 

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