Cuddle Clones

All I really have to say about this company is OMG!

Cuddle Clones, literally makes clones of your pets, that you can cuddle with.

This year for Christmas, my mom got me one of Pharrell. In my short 27 years of life, this might be the best gift I have ever gotten (don’t tell any ex-boyfriends that). Williams, this is what we named him (see what we did there Pharrell…Williams) well, anyways he looks JUST like Pharrell. Spot to spot, hair, tail, lips, noise, EVERYTHING, they didn’t miss a beat when making this thing. All you have to do is upload about 5 pictures of your pet and then they make the magic happen. They also make christmas ornaments, figurines, and all kinds of custom products for us crazy dog ladies.

Another amazing thing about this amazing company is that a portion of every pet made, goes to help pets that need love and support in many ways through many different outlets.

Mom, if you are reading this….. I would like one of Rosie this Christmas! Thanks!!!

Just check out how cute Pharrell and Williams are!

Make sure to check them out and get yourself or a loved one, one of these babies!

Megan Rose