Damien’s Best Dog Toys

When it comes to dog toys, I have to look for something that can handle the death lock and power jaws of my Pharrell. And when I can find that and it also incorporates both of his favorite things, ropes and balls, I know I am a shoe in for his favorite person in the world.

Damien’s Best Dog Toys is a company that was started by an amazing couple, Mark & Sallie. They wanted to start a company that could help dogs in nearby area shelters, which they are both actively involved in. Animal shelters are non-profit companies, as everyone knows, who depend on the donations from others to get supplies for the animals that are, for the meantime, looking for their furever homes. Toys are something that all dogs really need. It provides physical and mental exercise for the pups! Sometimes this is an overlooked necessity for animal shelters. Most people, obviously, think of food and medical care first.

Mark and Sallie have started a great store on Etsy, where for every toy that is bought, one is then donated to a local shelter. So far they have donated 566 dog toys and 8613 cat toys. To say that this is a company that deserves to grow and flourish, would be an understatement.

With all of this being said, Pharrell is famous for having a toy for about 3 hours and then having it in about 5 different pieces. He thinks, “Why have 1 toy when I can turn it into many!” What can I say, he is a Border Collie. BUT with these three toys from DBDT, he has had them for about a month, plays with all of them EVERY day, and all are still intact. I will definitely be getting some more of these great toys.

Damiens Best Dog Toys

IG: @damiensbestdogtoys

Megan Rose