Dante's Doggy Delights


Stop what you’re doing and give your dog a treat!! But wait, only if it’s from Dante’s Doggy Delights. Y’ALL!!! I am SO in love with these dog treats, it’s not even funny! I’m borderline obsessed because they are the CUTEST things I’ve ever given to Abbie and Gunner. Like, they’re so cute I almost don’t want them to eat the treats! LOL. And guess what? There’s a treat for every occasion!

Do you know a teacher? Someone who’s sick? A Stranger Things binge watcher? A friend who’s visiting the beach soon? A basketball fan? Seriously, the list of themes is far and wide with Dante’s Doggy Delights!

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Naiwa - Co-Owner

I’m a proud #dogmom to Dante, an avid animal lover, a published author, and a lover of the fine arts! I love going for walks with my pup, anything 1950’s, and of course, baking dog treats!

My love for animals, especially dogs, came at a very young age when my family brought home our first dog, a German Shepherd named Sasha. She was the perfect family dog- protective, kind, and full of spirit. It wasn't long before we had three dogs; 2 German Shepherds and a Bichon Shih-Tzu named Sam who was given to me as my very own dog. We grew up together and were inseparable. I would run home from school, excited to see him and even skip sleepovers with friends so I could be with him. He always found a way to make me laugh with his spunky personality and was my shoulder to cry on when I needed it most.

Two years ago, I invited my current fur-baby into my home and my heart- a Chihuahua I named Dante. With his kind heart and fuzzy ears, he is the inspiration behind Dante's Doggy Delights. He is always watching me bake in the kitchen and taste-testing everything that comes from our bakery!

When I am not busy making dog treats, you can find me exploring the city with my dog, writing (another passion of mine), or watching horror movies!

I hope to continue to create many more adventures with my pup and many more delicious ideas in our barkery!


Dante - Co-Owner

I’m a 2 year old Chihuahua/Lhasa Apso mix. I’m a mama’s boy, professional explorer, and part-time taste tester. I come up with all the great ideas at Dante’s Barkery (I mean, hello! That’s my name on the sign!) but since I don’t have thumbs, my mom lends a hand or two in making my ideas come to life. I LOVE her baking!

Dante's Doggy Delights is a labor of love, powered by a passion for animals. The idea to spend her free time crafting dog treats began in October of 2015 when Naiwa invited a three-month-old Chihuahua mix into her heart and home. Like most of our experiences with our pups, it was puppy love at first sight! With his pointed, fuzzy ears and big, curious eyes, Dante charmed his way into her lap and brought more happiness and purpose she could’ve ever imagined. Naiwa found herself thinking and acting like a new mother, only wanting the best for her new fur baby. Long walks at the park, strolls down the toy aisle at the pet store, and above all, healthy food and treats that she could feel good about giving him. Finding treats that were natural (and that he actually enjoyed) was, at times, an adventure all its own! And we can relate! But what Naiwa did next is something we can only dream about. She took matters into her own hands and started baking the world’s cutest, healthy treats for Dante! She felt good about the ingredients in her homemade treats because she could actually understand them; they were simple, just as they should be.

Abbie and Gunner loved these treats SO much! I loved/hated watching them eat them. I loved it because they're healthy and my pups ate every crumb. And I hated it because these treats are almost TOO cute to give them to your pups to eat!! LOL. Seriously y'all... I can't get over it! I wish these were for people too!

Every product at Dante's Doggy Delights is handmade with love and with you and your dog in mind. Naiwa only wants the best for her dog, and she expects and delivers the best for us and our dogs too! Not only do all of their products contain organic and natural ingredients, but many of them are very healthy too! They sell treats with only the best ingredients - kale, peanut butter, spinach, pumpkin - you name it! Even the dyes come from natural sources like beets!!! They make sure to leave out ingredients that can be bad for our fur babies!

Dante’s Doggie Delights NEVER uses preservatives. They simply bake and then dehydrate the treats to maintain the integrity of their products. Most of their treats (excluding cakes) have a shelf life of 3 months at room temperature or 4 months in the fridge. AMAZING!!!

What’s better than giving your pup healthy, delicious, freaking CUTE treats?! I’m glad you asked… Dante’s Doggy Delights goes a step further and donates 10% of their profits to the SPCA so we can help animals in need! So shop away and give your pup treats galore! You’re helping save lives!!!

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Check out Dante’s Doggy Delights below!