Dapper Dogs Bow Ties!

There is nothing better than seeing a “dapper guy” walking down the street, makes me have faith in the men’s race again. You know what I mean, a guy wearing something besides a Nike hoodie and drop crotch sweats with some “too cool, overpriced sneakers”. It’s always a treat and God reminding that it will be okay, when I see a guy in the right fitting pants, not to big, NOT too tight, a nice shirt or sweater and actually looking like they took time to do their hair and not throw a flat bill on (don’t get me wrong, I love a good flat bill)

Well, I just figure if I am going to wish for men to be like this, then I might as well lead by example with my four legged main man. And, how cute is it when you see a pup in a bow tie! I mean come on, doesn’t get much better than that! So, we have pulled together some of our favorite bow ties from some great companies, all at great prices and made with love! Take a look and go get yourself one, so we can lead by example and teach these two legged men, how to catch our hearts, one outfit at a time.

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