The Thing Every Dog Mom Wants This Mothers Day!

There is nothing I love more than just sitting at home with the dogs, in my pjs all day, watching Lifetime movies on repeat. Usually this consists of me just rolling out of bed, brushing my teeth and then staying in the same clothes I slept in the night before. I mean, why waste an outfit if the only ones seeing me are the pups? Right??

My must-have lounge-all-day accessory (besides the fur babes) are my DearFoam slippers. I like it cold in my apartment at all times even if I am freezing! I need to have a cold apartment and when my feet are like ice bricks it is the best feeling to slip into my fuzzy slippers. We gals have teamed up with DearFoam and it might have been the best thing we have done this year. No joke, we wear these things EVERY SINGLE DAY!

DearFoam has come out with a new line for us dog moms! That's right, a whole line for just us crazy dog ladies!  A little history on this amazing, woman-started company! They introduced the world's first foam-cushioned and washable slipper in 1948!!! It was an automatic hit and was on the floors of all the major department stores of the time. Over the years, DearFoam has been a leader in the slipper industry, always coming out with new and exciting designs, and keeping happy customers coming back for me. For the past 70 years, they have sold billions of pairs of slippers and are still reinventing the wheel of their niche.

Below are some of OUR top picks from both their

new DOG MOM line and some classics!