DIY Alternative to Teeth Cleaning

Now don’t be so quick to laugh at the thought of cleaning your dog's teeth. (Even, I can admit it does sound very #crazydoglady of me)


BUT… Hopefully if you are reading this, that means you are concerned with your pet’s dental hygiene and know the HUGE health importance of keeping those pearly whites… well... white.

Now, let’s think back to when your precious pup came into your life, well if it was when he/she was a puppy, then you can probably remember how white and healthy those teeth looked! Little tip… they should still look that way!

I am sure that you have heard your vet say, “your dog must have regular teeth cleaning to maintain good health!” And if you’re anything like me, you’re dreading the day that comes because it is so expensive! Not to mention, the dog has to be sedated during the process, which I am not a fan of.   (P.s... this is Drake at his very first vet visit... PERFECT teeth.)


As true as it is that the effect of healthy teeth hugely impacts the health of your dog, you do not need to pay a fortune to maintain this.

Let’s get informed, creative, and resourceful here.

With some research, I have put together a list of a couple of alternatives options you have to keeping your dog's teeth healthy.I have tried these options and am currently implementing these practices with my own special pup, Drake.

My plan is to ultimately avoid a teeth cleaning (at least for the time being).

Provide raw bones to your dog 2 to 3 times per week


Think about the dog's wild relatives. What do they eat?

And trust me… they do not go to the vet for an annual teeth cleaning.
Not only does this help the overall health of your pups teeth, it also cures that stinky puppy breath. It’s a win, win!  

A little tip, if you go to your local market and talk to the butcher, you can actually ask them for bones. Nine times out of ten (if you tell them why you want them) they’re going to just hand them to you. I’ve had to pay only once or twice.
OR check out this website for AMAZING, made in the America products. These are freshly cut, frozen, raw beef bones for dogs.

** Now, be warned… you should do research on how to PROPERLY introduce your dog to this type of bone. BUT, after you do, they are surely to be the happiest pup there ever was… 
Wags. Tongues. Pants. That kind of happiness.

Nightly brushing routine



Okay, I have to admit that this is not the most fun task to take on. Brushing your dog's teeth, after brushing your own. To be effective, it needs to be consistent. Now, although this does help, it sadly is not the best alternative to teeth cleaning. BUT, it
will definitely make the need for the dreaded teeth cleaning appointment, take place a lot later in your dog's life. PLUS, the toothpaste comes in chicken flavors, which Drake recommends.

Try one or both of these two alternatives to teeth cleaning and watch as your dog’s, not only teeth, but overall mouth, begin to clean up! You won’t be disappointed and your dog AND your wallet will be eternally grateful for skipping out on the vet visit!