DIY Denim Jacket #dogmom Style

Trends, they come and go. But there are so many trends that seem to always make their way back into our lives. Bring in the high-waisted EVERYTHING, chokers, acid-wash and one of my favs, patch-work. I don’t know about you but I am seeing patch-work everywhere again. From H&M to Barney's, and I want it all (I’ll probably only get the H&M stuff, workin on that Barney's budget). I don’t know what it is about the patch-work items that have drawn me in, the jackets, the jeans, the skirts, the top…. All of it. The only issue with some of the pieces that I want (besides the Barney's prices) is that the patches on the garments do not reflect my personality at all. I wanted something that screamed, “Oh, That’s totally her”! After talking to Jessica and Chelsea they agreed that we should just make our own #dogmom jackets! So, that's exactly what we did! We each searched for the best patches out there, that described us, and as you can all guess that was anything and everything dog related! I was so shocked about how many amazing patches are out there for us #crazydogladies, it was great! The best part about making these amazing jackets, is that they cost a fraction of the price and they are a one- of - kind! Also, they were hella easy to make! Below is all the patches and where you can find them!

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