DIY Doggie Ice Cubes

DIY: It is summer and it is HOT! There are so many ways to keep your pup cool during the hot months of summer, but there is one that your pups would rather you do than just bring them into the AC. SUMMER TREATS! What fur-baby doesn’t like a cold, tasty treat made of their favorite things like apples and broth!

Pharrell and Rosie are obsessed with these and they literally take me about 10 minutes to make! Get ready for these super easy steps that will make you the favorite to your pup between you and you boyfriend! Hehe

All you need is broth, I used chicken broth, but they also LOVE bone broth. And some apples and ice tray!


Step 1:

Wash apples and cut them into small pieces.

Step 2:

Place apples into ice tray and fill with broth of choice.


Step 3:

Freeze for 3-5 hours.

Step 4:

Become the FAVORITE!

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