DIY Doggie Kissy Booth

DIY Doggie Kissy Booth: Well, this might be one for the “DIY Fails” category! But, I saw this super cute idea on Pinterest where you make a Doggie Kissy Booth, so of course, I think that I can totally do that, and Pharrell is going to look so cute, blah, blah. blah! I am sure that it would have came out a little better, if I would have taken my time and wasn’t worried about making it to drinks with my friends downtown! So maybe y’all can nail this one a little better than me and P!


What you need :


Pink and or Red poster board


Pink and or Red Lipstick

A dog

This is really so easy, that I am embarrassed that it didn’t come out as great as I had it pictured in my head. The fact that I may or may not have failed “cutting” in kindergarten might also have something to do with this!

However, all you have to do is….. cut a heart out of the poster board, then measure your pup’s head and then cut a hole in the middle on the heart that your dog’s head can fit in.


Then, apply your lipstick, I used Chanel’s Rouge Coco, it has a great moist (hate that word) texture to it, so it sticks perfectly to your pup’s face!


Then….kiss dog….all over!


Finally, simply place the heart shaped poster board over your pup’s face, hold a ball in your other hand and take as many pictures as you can before he is totally over it!


If you try to upstage my DIY, which you will, please tag us on IG at so I can feel all the IG post envy!!!

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