Dog Backyard Haven

Living in New York City, you get Dog Backyard Haven envy… a lot. So last year when I found an apartment in the Upper East Side, with a big backyard (well, for NYC) I packed up my Chelsea apartment as fast as I could and got on Pintrest even faster to plan out my backyard… or should I say Pharrell and Rosie’s backyard! All I ever wanted for Pharrell from  the moment I got him was a backyard haven, but I also wanted the city, so when this came along it was like a NYC dog mom dream come true!!

On my search for the perfect things to do in my small personal dog park, I found so many great ideas for my future home, with a REAL back yard! I have pulled some of my favorites together, just incase you want to have a new project for your man to do! I mean, it keeps him busy and out of your way….and hopefully he will be shirtless the whole time. #hotpuppybabydaddyalart