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As dog lovers we know that every dog is unique and has different corks, if you will, and needs. And as dog mom's we also try to accommodate, in any way we can, to all of those needs that make our dogs one of a kind. We can train them, teach them tricks, and even treat them like people (we all do it).  But, bottom line, dogs are pack animals. This simple fact is why DogFit really caught my eye. The idea of dogs "fixing" behaviors and learning from other dogs is so intriguing and, after a deeper look, also pretty undeniable.

DogFit Dallas has got it figured out! They're on that "Cesar" wavelength. No seriously, Art (the pack leader) works with Cesar as a Trainer for Training Cesar’s Way  Fundamentals of Dog Behavior I & II.

The idea is to give your dog a mental workout, which is equally as important as a physical one. Groups of dogs and people walking together, it's as simple as that. Focusing your dog's energy while achieving their most basic instinct, a pack walk. This can be an extremely beneficial calming exercise, especially for overly hyper or excited dogs.. I compare it to yoga or meditating for humans.

A walk with your dog should be a pleasurable experience for both of you. It's not supposed to be filled with your dog pulling you forward in eagerness while you're cursing in frustration. Even though I have to admit, this happens to me from time to time and I do get irritated.

I took this quote directly from their website and absoluetly LOVE it.

"We want to help your dog be a dog and we want you to enjoy every day together."

There is validity to this challenging and rewarding practice and they have the proof to back it up.

A little history about DogFit:

DogFit Dallas was started by a fellow dog lover, Art who built this company from the group up! It began with a little pack of three and a few of his friends’ dogs. THE pack quickly grew from three to ten dogs! That's ten dogs all walking harmoniously through the streets of downtown Dallas. This was the start of the Balance and Harmony Movement.

Pack walks:

"We believe that dogs should live in a world where we, the human, create balance and harmony. Since 2012 we have been providing the dogs of Downtown Dallas a balanced and harmonious world with our structured dog walks, even to those dogs that their owners felt couldn’t be near or around other dogs."

I truly believe that this will catch on like wildfire! Allowing your dog to socialize with other dogs in a controlled manner is not only healthy but it channels their primal instincts! We can try to fill this gap ourselves, but dogs need to be socializing with other dogs.

How do you join THE pack?

Easy!! Just contact DogFit and set up a meeting for their crew to meet your crew! Just make sure that your dog is up to date on all of their shots before joining the group and socializing with other pups.

Other services:

Your pup might not be ready to join The Pack just yet, but DogFit offers one on one training, along with in house training to get your dog ready! They will meet with your furball personally, assess any "issues" the two of you are having and find the best program to help fit your needs. Because there IS hope... no dog is hopeless! No matter your challenge, big or small, DogFit can and will help you!

"It is our passion that we teach you and your dog to have the most balanced life together"


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Photocred of The Pack on Margaret Hunt Bridge: Skyler Fike

Instagram: @skyfi