Dog Rescue Shirt Club- Help Dogs by Dressing Humans

“Help dogs by dressing humans.”

Do I have your attention?

Seriously, this may be one of the coolest ways that I have found to help support rescue organizations. Dog Rescue Shirt Club has started something honestly unique- where you can truly wear your heart on your sleeve. I am excited to help spread the story and be an advocate for their cause!

The why and how:

We all know the heart wrenching facts when it comes to animal shelters and the pressing odds that overwhelm rescue groups all over this nation. An estimated number of over 6.5 million animals enter into animal services each year. The statistics are unfathomable and honestly hard to face.

So- if you are passionate about saving dogs and also like adding to your wardrobe, well… two birds, one stone.

Let me explain.

For only $20 a month, you can join THE club and help small and underfunded rescue groups all around the country. With 100% of your payment going to the chosen rescue of the month, I promise you will not feel any “shoppers guilt” when you receive your new shirt in the mail!

Your money will help the featured rescue with necessary vet costs, flea and heartworm preventatives, spaying/neutering and so much more.

It may not seem like much, but every little bit helps.

How it started:

Jim Scano, a local hero with a firefighter helmet and a dog saving heart is the mastermind behind this club. In 2011, Jim had the original “shirt club” idea, but revolved the concept around firefighters. It was a way for firefighters, like himself, to collect authentic shirts from firehouses all over the country. A portion of each of the sales went back to the featured firehouse of that month. Since he started that club, they have been able to give tens of thousands of dollars back to firehouses all over the nation. With such huge successes he decided to carry this idea over to his other passion- helping dogs.

Jim has a beautiful story about the impact dogs have had on his own life and simply listening to him talk about his pups, you can truly feel the sincerity and passion behind his words (see video below).


Start helping dogs TODAY!

Indiegogo Campaign

Since beginning only months ago, DRSC is now working towards a goal to raise $15,000 to help broaden the membership base of the club and get the word out!

Bottom line- help more rescues, save more dogs.

Here is how YOU can help!

$25- Shirt & Sticker
You will receive a Dog Rescue Shirt Club branded t-shirt & sticker.

$5- A Social “Thank You!”
Shout out on their Facebook page for your support!

$10- A Big “Thank You!”
Along with your shout out on FB, you’ll also receive a Thank You card and a DRSC sticker.

$50- 3/Mo Subscription & Sticker
You will receive a 3/month subscription to DRSC and a sticker for your support. (This saves you $20)

$100- 1 Year Subscription
You will get a new shirt from DRSC each month, for a year! Along with this, you will receive a branded sticker and your name will be featured on their website!

$500- 2 Year Subscription
In addition to the sticker and feature on their websites, you will get a new Dog Rescue Shirt Club shirt each month, for TWO years!


“We believe that every dog should be treated with love and compassion. That’s why we’re asking you to help dogs by dressing humans.”


Join Dog Rescue Shirt Club today and feel good, while looking good.