The must have bags for every #dogmom!

With all of my friend having babies or on their third baby for some of them, and picking out their cute baby outfits every day, I find myself picking out a fresh bandana every day for the pups, that's the same thing right? Or, at least that's what I tell my grandma every time she calls me. I know, I know having a baby is WAY more work than having a dog, BUT I still think being a dog mom is just as important, and that is why we also need certain things to make sure that fur-babies are fully prepared and taken care of at all time. One of those things that all these baby mamas have that we puppy baby mamas want is a bag where can hold everything we need for our pups when we are on the go, whether that is at the dog park, at central park, traveling, at the beach or wherever our pups might take us. That is why we have pulled some of our favorite bags and totes for all the fur mamas out there!