Our Top Dog Blogs!

Dog bloggers are a niche, and it’s a niche that is growing by the minute! This is so exciting for us; seeing more and more people wanting to share their love and knowledge for fur-babies! It is a great way to spread love in this crazy world! Because, who doesn't love blogs that are about something positive and that have photos of squishy faces all over them?! The thing we love most about this crazy dog blog community is that everyone is supporting each other. It is not a competition, it is a network of people with the same mission -- to make the world a better place for pups and their humans! A great place for the dog community is BlogPawsl If you are looking to start a blog or if you have one, this is the place to be! It is a 3 day conference of pet bloggers and pet brands from all over, coming together, sharing their love and knowledge for animals!

There are so many amazing dog moms out there that have some beautiful blogs that are all about themselves and their fur-babies! We pulled some of our favorites and wanted to share them with you, because who could have too many dog filled IG accounts to follow and blogs to read? Nobody, that's who!

Wear Wag Repeat

Tori & Lucy -- these two. We met them at BlogPaws earlier this year and they are just as sweet and beautiful in person as they are on the web! Wear Wag Repeat, is every fashion girl meets dog lover’s dream! Tori gives the best advice in all things fashion and pup!

Pretty Fluffy

Funny story, Pretty Fluffy was what inspired Gal’s Best Friend! She is based in Australia and we have been following her since she started. We all 3 loved following her and talked about how we wished there was more sites like this here in the states! So guess what …. We made one! Thanks for being our inspiration! Make sure you check her out!! She is everything and more that we strive to be!

Honey I Dressed The Pug

Okay, this duo is about as cute as it gets. Her social media is what dreams are made of! Ari + M, are the twinning champs of the dog world, taking over London and now NYC like the true bosses they are! Check her out for all your fashion envy!

Dog Milk

Dog Milk, is the queen of letting us know what is new and fab in the dog world! She knows the best of the best before anyone else and lets us know the low down and exactly where to find it! Dog Milk also has amazing DIYs, health and safety tips, and so much more!  

DIY Dog Mom

The master of DIY, this CHI-town dog mom with her 3 puppers know everything there is to know about everything when it comes to doggie DIYs! If you want to make it, you best believe you will find it here with the greatest step-by-step guides out there! She also has amazing product reviews and more!

We hope that we have opened your eyes to more of the best dog moms out there! If we missed any of your favs, please comment below! We would love to check them out and learn more about the amazing bloggers that are bringing the dog world closer, one lick and tennis ball at a time!