DogMode - The Best Doggy Daycare in SLC

Y’all know how excited Sue (Kristen Wiig) gets about Surprise Parties on SNL? Well, that is the same excitement I get when I drop Abbie and Gunner off at DogMode to play! This time was a little different though. Abbie and Gunner weren’t just going to make new furiends and play for the day… They were being boarded! …. for 4 days!!! Que the alligator tears from mom! This was difficult for me because I’m attached to those pups like you wouldn’t believe! BUT! I knew they were in extremely great hands.

It didn’t take long to decide on boarding Abbie and Gunner at DogMode, because they are the best of the best! DogMode is a family owned and locally operated business in Salt Lake City. It was established as the first non-traditional “off leash” dog boarding and daycare facility in Utah in 1999. Their large, state-of-the-art facility allows your pup to play with other pups while being cared for by experienced, passionate, and dog-loving humans. Their innovative approach to dog care resulted in the creation of their amazing, award-winning facility where dogs run, bark, and play to their hearts content!

Last month, they won Reader’s Choice in Utah Business Magazine for favorite Dog Daycare and Boarding facility. DUH! Nobody else compares so OF COURSE they won this award!!!


They care for our pups with the utmost integrity and love, they have a safe, clean, and fun environment for our pups, they’re allowed to run free, bark, play all while being under constant supervision. I mean, they provide the very best individual experience for owners and pups, and it’s all based on personal needs.

DogMode has live video feeds on their website so you can watch how they interact with our pups during the day. I’m SUPER obsessed with watching their online webcams! Like, I’m a borderline crazy person always trying to watch Abbie and Gunner playing!! LOL. But seriously, the high-quality videos and angles don’t leave you wondering, “where the heck is my dog?”.

From booking Abbie and Gunner’s stay, to dropping them off and picking them up, every interaction I had with DogMode’s staff was entirely pleasant. I have never dealt with such nice people! I don’t think I could be that nice picking up dog poop that wasn’t my own pups’ or listening to barking all day long. Props to them for loving their job SO MUCH! And you absolutely can tell they do. If you get on their webcams, you’ll see them loving on the dogs and playing with them throughout the day.

Their facility is AMAZING! The dogs have access to be indoor and outdoor, all year long. They have play equipment, pools, doggy hammocks to rest if they’re tired, a bathing station, dock diving COMING SOON!, and separate rooms for senior dogs and small dogs, if they don’t like the big and medium dog areas. I’m telling you, their facility is AWESOME and HUGE! And that’s a necessity for crazy bird dogs like Abbie and Gunner!

One thing I absolutely love about boarding at DogMode was that if the dogs are depressed and not wanting to eat, they will entice them with peanut butter or chicken broth. I’ve heard horror stories of people coming back from vacation to find their dogs thin and frail. This was not the case with Abbie and Gunner! They came back just the same as when we dropped them off, just  SUPER POOPED from playing with all of their furiends. :)

For those of you interested in doggy daycare, they offer valet services Monday through Friday, so you can be on your way to work without any headaches! Bringing your pup to DogMode for daycare has a two-step process.

First, your pup will be interviewed in a sniffing room, where he/she will meet a handful of dogs with varying temperaments, breeds, and sizes. This is to see where your fur baby will do best, as they have many different rooms to choose from.

Second, your beloved fur child will attend a FREE day of daycare (4 to 6 hours). During this time, the DogMode sitters will watch your dog closely to ensure he/she feels safe and is having a good time! If that’s the case, your pup is welcome back for daycare any time! Be sure to bring your pup’s shot records!!! All dogs must be up-to-date on shots to play with their furiends at DogMode!

Also, DogMode doesn’t discriminate against dog breeds! Instead, they focus on the individual personality of each dog that is brought into their facility. I LOVE THAT!!!! They also have a philosophy behind their non-traditional style of daycare: Reduce the stress of our pets by increasing their activity and stimulation throughout the day! All of the activities during the day help them release their nervous energy so they can relax and actually sleep at night.

Okay, last thing that I briefly mentioned earlier in this post… They are building a doggy aquatic center! This state-of-the-art pool area will be open 7 days a week, 365 days a year, JUST LIKE THE REST OF THEIR FACILITY! I cannot WAIT to get Abbie in Gunner into water sports at DogMode. Be on the lookout for a blog post on their aquatic center! It should be opening before the end of Summer. :)


Gal's Best Friend is giving away a FREE day of daycare!

But that’s not all! DogMode is giving away a FREE grooming service!

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