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Dog + Bone!!! So let me just start by saying that Austin, Texas is my favorite place ever, so of course when I find an amazing dog company based out of ATX, you already know I am hooked. And this didn’t change at all when it came to this weeks #favfriday pick, Dog + Bone leashed and collars .

Check out how AMAZING Pharrell and Rosie look in these stellar leash and collar sets! I love how bright they are, makes us stand out on the busy street of the Upper East Side, I also love love love the collars, my dogs get really excited and may or may not tend to pull me… a lot. Whether it’s to approach another dog, approach a human, if they know they are going to the park, to Central Park, or just to piss me off….they love to pull. I know, I know I should stop the madness, but to be honest with you, I am not strong enough to fight it haha, so I just let it be most of the time. The great thing about the Dog + Bone collars, is they tighten up when they pull, so 1, they STOP pulling without me having to use a pinch collar and two, I don’t have to worry about them slipping out!



Anne is the mastermind behind this great company! Some year back she started volunteering at a local No-Kill shelter, as we all know a well-behaved dog has a better chance of getting adopted, a big part of their program was behavior training for the dogs. Anne got involved and even fostered several dogs until they were adopted. After rescuing her two dogs Flora and Leland through that organization they wanted collars and leashes that were clean, simple, yet durable enough for the months of training it can take to polish a dog’s behavior and build their confidence in a new home. Anne and Ivan got to work and had so much fun with the project that they wanted to share it. From there Dog + Bone has grown organically and they continue to be inspired by dogs and their people. The donations they’ve been able to make to animal rescue groups as a result of the brand has really helped the whole thing go full circle.

Why Anne and Ivan love dogs in their own words – “Dogs give perspective, balance and purpose to people’s lives. Every dog owner has a story about how their dog has touched their life. Our dog Flora is such a comedian, she helps remind us what’s important – when sensing a tense moment she will walk into the room, hit the ground and crawl across the floor like an alligator thrashing in the water. It makes us laugh and is an instant mood lifter. The connection between a person and their dog is like no other.”


If you are in the market for a new leash and collar and I can 100% say that Dog + Bone is a great option! I love love Rosie and Pharrell’s new sets! Make sure you check the out!


IG: @dogpluebone

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