Dogs by Bob- Dog Art

When it comes to finding a gift for your fellow doglover (or yourself) the options are endless. You can literally find almost anything that’s “dog” related… and I mean ANYTHING! Between Pinterest, Etsy and even just Google, I have seriously found everything from coffee mugs to underwear!!

Okay, I’m ranting, but my point is, you can find an assortment of (random) gifts for any type of dog lover out there. It is so great and yet completely overwhelming, all at the same time.

With that being said, I recently came across a brand new “company” on Instagram that creates one of a kind images of your one of a kind pup. Obviously intrigued, I reached out for more information and was excited to learn all about how Dogs By Bob came to be! So, it was started by a dog owner and lover named Victor who received an Apple Pen for Christmas from his wife. He started “playing around” on different apps and really enjoyed sketching random things. He told me that it was pretty difficult at first because it was very different from the, what is slowly becoming “old school” materials... pencil and paper.

However, after some practice, he decided to sketch Maggie, his in-laws adorable and beloved schnauzer. Needless to say, his mother-in-law fell in love with the image and the rest is sort of history. One thing led to another, or should I say, one post led to another… The news spread and images were “shared” and then shared again. After a few requests, he thought he could turn his hobby into something more! So that’s exactly what happened and Dogs by Bob was started. (By the way, bob is short for his nickname from his wife: Bobcat… So sweet!)

Anyways, my biggest draw to Dogs by Bob was not the creativity and uniqueness of the art, but the origin of it! I love products created by actual dog lovers just like me!

If you’re looking for the PERFECT gift for your dog obsessed bestie, sureyou could ge
t a “one of many” iron on something or another, but... there is only ONE gift like this. Guaranteed one of a kind and customized just for you and the image of your choice.


Go check out Dogs by Bob and see what beautiful creation he can do for you and the four legged fur ball in your life.


IG:  @dogsxbob