Shop With A Purpose at Dog With A Mission!

There is three things I truly love in this world… dogs, anything that supports dogs and fashion. Being a girl that comes from a fashion background and now fully in the dog world, it can be hard to find dog accessories that truly embrace style while being well-made and useful all at the same time. I search online and get into a dark hole on Instagram for hours looking for new brands to spark my interest almost every night.


A few months ago I came across this Dutch brand called Dog With A Mission, the names automatically made me smile and I was kinda already sold on that alone. Then once I started looking at the products, I was fully blown away. Dog With A Mission was started by two bad ass dog moms Eugenie and Kim. Eugenie is mom to Skip, a silly chocolate lab, and Kim has two pups, Teddy the Jack Russell and Sky the street dog from Spain. They started this amazing company because they wanted to make something that we don’t see in pet stores. And now they have an amazing dog + human lifestyle brand taking over the world, one dog mom at a time!


Dog With A Mission is inspired by the 70’s and a mix of gypsy style and all three of us gals are totally obsessed. These gals are also inspired by local artisan shops and craftsmen’s creations from around the world, which makes everything they have so unique and special.


Our favorite part of Dog With A Mission (besides everything they make being beautiful and of the best quality) is the mission behind it all. A portion of every sale goes to a variety of animal-related charities including Wings for Animals and the Fundashion Kunuku Kakelvers on Bonaire, Dutch Antilles. They also donate their old collar collections to rescue animals so that they can feel loved and stand out as well, drawing human eyes to their hopeful eyes as they wait to be adopted.


If you are looking for some new neck candy for your fur-baby, a new stylish bed to amp up your decor or something for yourself, then make sure you check out Dog With A Mission!