Must Haves For the Eco-Friendly Pup

Let’s be honest, we all try to do our best with being “eco- friendly”. But if you are anything like me, you don’t always do your best. You know, when you’re taking out the trash and you see that box or can at the bottom of the bag? And you just leave it in there? Or when you use a whole can of Big Sexy Hair when teasing your hair before work every morning? Yeah! I mean, it’s hard! You would think it would be easy, but growing up and not being introduced to the concept of “let’s save the world”, I am having to rework my mind over here! While I am working on that, I can at least make sure I am doing my part when it comes to my pup! We have pulled some freaking amazing products that are all 100%  eco-friendly! Make sure you go check some out and do your part of saving the world this Earth day, or at least saving the doggie world!

1. Greener Pup Dog Bed

2. Durable Big Pup Bone

3. Fab Dog Leash

4. The Honest Kitchen Treats

5. Honest Pet Shampoo

6. Beco Pet Ball

7. My AlphaPet Compostable Poop Bags