Edition 12

If you know me at all, or you follow @pharrellandrosie on Instagram, you know that I love to swag them out at all times. Our bread and butter would have to be bandanas & bowties. But, we are game for everything. Well, Rosie and I are game for everything, I can’t say the same for Pharrell and Rumba. When we were doing our nightly scrolls on the good ole IG, we came across Edition 12, a luxury pet collection made up of leashes, collars and of course bowties! I automatically fell in love with the UK based company. First off, her branding is SO on point, and her Instagram account is so beautiful. That right there was enough for me. So a few days later, the package came!

Edition 12 is a premium pup accessory line that launched in July of 2016. Harriet Goodings, the mastermind behind this beautifully crafted collection, has a strong background in fashion design that has paved the way and inspired her for a luxury pet brand. Each piece is hand cut, stamped and painted in her Norwich studio. Everything is made with long lasting vegetable tanned saddle leather and adorned with powder coated hardware (I know, doesn't it just sound dreamy). This technique is used to make sure that every single piece ages beautifully.

All of this started in 2013, when Harriet became a new dog mom to a 3 year old dachshund named Frankie. As all of us dog moms do, she started to search for the best of the best swag to drape Frankie in. To her surprise, she found a lack in anything that caught her eye that wasn't the price of a new pair Prada heels. After her search wasn't looking up, she took matters into her own hands (and Frankie's paws). Harriet said, “As a designer, I’m driven to want to push a concept forward to evoke newness whilst remaining beautiful and fit for purpose.” And that is exactly what she is doing. The name Edition 12 comes from dozens and dozens of fashion magazines that Harriet has been “collecting” since a teenager, Edition 12 is homage to every edition that she was so in love with.

If you are like any of us gals and your dog has more accessories than you have clothes, then please do yourself and your pup a favor and check out Edition 12. These pieces will be a great addition to any collection!
Did we also mention that Harriet has an amazing blog on her site, dedicated to everything puppies, so of course we are all over that! Make sure you check Editon 12 out!