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Having a backyard in New York City is basically a dream unable to be reached and only happens if you are Sarah Jessica Parker or Jordan Belfort from Wolf of Wall Street! However, sometimes you get lucky and hit the jackpot! I won the lotto when we came across our little piece of heaven in the Upper East Side, for a price that was less than my box of an apartment in Chelsea! Having two dogs (two Border Collies at that) and having a back yard is a dream come true!


When we moved, I knew that I wanted to make our backyard as fun, bright, and dog friendly as possible. My goal was to have it be a place where dogs and their humans could spend all day relaxing, hanging, and enjoying life to the fullest! That is where Fatboy USA comes into play! Fatboy USA is an imaginative lifestyle brand that excels in thinking outside the box. Fatboy has been challenging the concepts of lifestyle product since 2002, when it set out to create the perfect lounge chair- designed for fashion, comfort, and tailored for an unmatched lounging experience. I mean, if that didn’t already hook you, then read it again! I needed a space where I was comfortable and my fur babies were comfortable. It also helps that Fatboy makes everything so easy on the eyes and great for some “intsa-good” pictures!

Fatboy Original

First off, how cool is this?! It’s everything that you wanted when you were 10, but now it’s bigger, better, and more comfortable! The Fatboy Original comes in numerous bright and vibrant colors so it will compliment any décor. You also have an option of three different fabrics! The Original is made of Nylon – great if you have kiddos running around because it’s very easy to clean. Fatboy also offers a Stonewashed Cotton (seen in picture) that is more subtle in color choices – for the more sophisticated dog moms out there! And then there is the Outdoor Original which is made of Sunbrella material (great for indoors & outdoors)! Both the Stonewash and Outdoor also have removable covers that can be washed. Hello convenience!

The Fatboy Original isn’t just for cuddling with your pups while enjoying a glass of wine but it is GREAT for your pups! Pharrell and Rosie could hang out on this thing all day if I would let them. Well, let’s face, I let them lounge in comfort anywhere, because who could say no to those faces?!

The Transloetje

This is an energy saving, portable LED light that looks dope AF anywhere! It comes in eight different colors and all look amazing! These lights are rechargeable so all you have to do is plug it in for about 90 minutes, let it fully juice up, and you’re good to go! I love to put mine outside when we have people and pups over, just to add a little more fun and allure to my backyard! We also have a Transloetje next to the dog beds for extra light!. Since they are portable, that means no cords that I have to hide from the pups!

Edison The Grand

How freaking awesome is this! It is a HUGE LED light! I love having this in the backyard at night when the pups are out there running around like crazies. It seriously lights up the whole backyard! It comes with a remote so I can turn it off and on or even dim the light from inside my apartment! It’s amazing and everyone that has ever visited us is just as obsessed! They also come in Petit and Medium!

Non-Flying Carpet

Having a backyard in NYC doesn’t quite mean you are getting a “real” backyard with grass. We have pure concrete but I’ll take what I can get! With the hot NYC summers we need something for the pups to walk on so they don’t burn their paws! The Fatboy Non-Flying Carpet is so perfect for us! It is also indoor/outdoor so you can easily move it around! They come with buttons on the sides so you mix and match and make one HUGE carpet!

(FATBOY)RED Snacklight

I love having my friends over, like all the time. My boyfriend loves it…not. So having something to put our chips and guac in is a must have! Also, having something to put our dog treats in when Pharrell and Rosie have their fur-friends over is even more of a must. So the (FATBOY)RED Snacklight is a must have for me. To make this product even more neat is a portion of the proceeds will be donated to (RED) and goes toward the Global Fund to help end AIDS.



Having people and pups over all the time is so much fun, but there isn’t always a place for everyone and every pup to sit. That’s where the Baboesjka comes in to play! It is three super comfy cushions that stack on top of each other – for one big seat or three normal seats! It is all held together by a durable, leather Fatboy strap. Fatboy has tons amazing colors and patterns to choose from, as well!


Pharrell and Rosie’s favorite Fatboy product is, furr sure, the Doggielounge. They come in two different sizes, small & large, and two different fabrics, Stonewashed & Nylon.

Doggielounge Stonewashed is a stylish and comfortable bed made from 100% ultra-soft cotton. Its durable (almost indestructible) fabric is wonderfully snug but comfortable. And the cover is machine washable! #holla. The Doggielounge high-grade nylon cover and soft stuffing not only offer comfort for your favorite canine, but it is easy to clean. All it needs is a damp cloth and mild soap!

The Doggielounges also come in various colors that will go with any dog mom’s decor!  


Here she is, the one you’ve all been asking about – sweet little Dolly! How fun is she? Dolly is an inflatable dog. That’s right, nothing more to her. And, honestly, she doesn’t really need a reason to be anything more because she is so freaking cool! Dolly also has two brothers, Big Dog & Hot Dog! They are great for any party or PAWty you have coming up! People lose their minds of them! And they’re fantastic for photos!

If you’re looking to spice up your place with some new, fun, and exciting pieces, make sure you check out Fatboy USA! They have everything that a dog lover could ever want & more! You will also be the coolest dog mom in your #squad! Make sure you check out everything Fatboy has to offer. They have so much more that you will fall in love with! Also, be sure to follow them on social media for updates!

Don’t forget to enter out giveaway for two Doggielounge’s‘ on Instagram! The last step is to give your pup a BIG kiss!


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