Fetch Fido A Flight


Boomer Sooner, Garth Brooks, and fried okra. Yes- the state that borders Texas is known for many great things that I absolutely love! Unfortunately, Oklahoma also has a terrifying side. Recently brought to my attention is the state's cruel treatment and unethical euthanization of thousands of dogs.  Innocent animals are meeting a horrifying fate for no other reason than being a dog, without an owner, in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma is one of the few states that still allows the eradication of dogs by extreme measures such as, but not limited to, gas chambers, gun shots and heart sticks. 

I, like many of you, had absolutely no idea this was happening a mere 2 hours north of me.  Learning this truth made my heart cry, as I could only imagine the pain that has been caused.

BUT, let me bring some light to this post because hope is flying in. LITERALLY!

So, without further ado, please let me share with you my latest rescue obsession- Fetch Fido A Flight!

What it’s all about!


Saving dogs, one flight at a time.

“Fetch Fido A Flight is a donation based charity working to fly large numbers of 'at risk' shelter pets from high intake shelters…”

Basically, Vikki Smith (my new role model) has found a way to save dogs, and cats, from an unruly death, by FLYING them to no-kill shelters around the country. Vikki actually rents a plane, fills it with dogs that are destined for death, and delivers them to a safe location where they can be adopted.  

**Let me please note that I am NOT saying that Oklahomans are terrible dog haters. There are simply ancient laws that haven't been revoked or replaced. Oklahoma does have MANY animal advocates fighting for a change and who dedicate their lives to helping these animals. These are the people who are working with Vikki and her team to make a difference in Oklahoma.

Lives Saved

Starting only 2 years ago in 2016, Fetch Fido A Flight has already flown 11 planes, saving a total number of 689 pets! That’s almost 700 innocent and adoptable dogs and cats that would have otherwise been killed.

How it works

Vikki and her team begin raising money through various donation avenues, working hard to obtain $16,000 to charter a cargo plane. Throughout the fundraising process, which typically lasts for a full calendar year, Fetch Fido A Flight partners with different shelters in Oklahoma to gather dogs for the flight. These shelters submit pictures and videos of adoptable animals (who are scheduled to be euthanized) to Vikki who then shares them with rescue organizations in Oregon. From there, it is up to the rescue group to select the dogs they wish to take in and find homes for. I want to note here that there are no breed restrictions in place. This alone makes my heart do cartwheels as I hate the thought of any pup being left behind based solely on their unfair reputation. Vikki made it very clear that her love of dogs has no boundaries and all are equal. .

Once the money has been raised, the dogs begin to be secured for the flight. The amount of dogs chosen for the flight varies depending on a number of things. Since the plane can only fit approximately 65 crates aboard, Vikki encourages shelters to begin having dogs share kennels to get used to being in tight quarters with one another. If two dogs get along well, then they can share a crate on the plane- ultimately making room for even more animals to be saved! Also, if there are litters of puppies or even kittens, then the numbers of lives saved increases! On average they typically get roughly 80 animals on the flight, but have fit close to 100 before.

With all hands on deck, volunteers work to get 80 plus confused pups aboard a cargo plane. Six short hours later these dogs lives are forever changed as they step foot onto the no-kill grounds of Oregon.

Watch live!

Very soon, the next flight will take off and you can get a front row seat to view the action! Follow Fetch Fido A Flight on facebook to watch a live streaming video documenting the entire day. From loading to unloading you can see lives transformed as these once ill-fated pups enter their hopeful future!


How to Help

I’m in awe of the efforts this organization makes to save dogs! If all of us gave just a fraction of this same compassion, I know that we could change the world!

With that being said…. let’s start now.

You can help the cause by donating directly via their website or go the old school route and mail in a check- this is a judgement free zone! ;)

Also, you can help through Amazon and it literally cost you NOTHING!! Just select Fetch Fido A Flight as your charity to support through amazon smile (click the link "Go to https://smile.amazon.com")

Upon speaking with Vikki, a woman who had zero background in rescuing prior to FFAF, she said to me, “Are we changing the world? No. But we are changing the world for that one animal."

So, big or small- it doesn’t matter, help however you can because it’s the only way we will change the world for, at the very least, one animal.

Happily Ever After

Now for the REALLY good stuff!

Get the tissues ready because these are the stories that dog lovers dream about. Vikki has found a way to keep up with the dogs who are saved and share their stories with us! You can view all of these via Facebook, but here is one that really stole my heart!

Meet Rex…

"Rex was picked up with severe mange. He looked like death. He was so emaciated he could barely stand. The shelter was going to euthanize him due to his condition but a couple of the shelter advocates decided to take up donations to get him some help to see if he would survive. He slowly made his way back to health but there was another problem...he was in a shelter that was full and euthanizing for space, since he was the longest resident, the shelter was being forced to euthanize him. He had fought so hard to get well and to trust humans again...and now he was in serious trouble. His advocate submitted him for our flight and knowing this was his ONLY chance..I asked for a favor and the receiving shelter took him! Look at him now. He finally has a chance at the home and family he so deserved. He had come so far and fought so hard and now he has his reward!"


Fetch Fido A Flight is a ray of sunshine in Oklahoma and what is hopefully going to be the start of something big!

Visit http://www.fetchfidoaflight.com today!

"Rescue animals aren't broken, they've simply experienced more life than other animals. If they were human, we would call them wise. They would be the ones with the tales to tell and the stories to write, the ones dealt a bad hand who responded with courage. Don't pity them...DO something. Help a rescue. Donate. Volunteer. Foster. Adopt. But most of all, be proud you have their greatness by your side"