finn + me

If you personally know any of us Gals, you know that we love fashion in some way or another. Whether it's having a crazy love for shoes, or obsessed with the newest makeup pallet from Urban Decay, or just going crazy of the newest adds to Zara! So when it comes to our pups, things aren't much different. Looking for the newest and cutest pup finds in on the top of all of our weekly to-do list.

Our newest obsession is Finn + Me, this is a New York City based luxury accessories line for pup and their human! Y’all, when we tell y’all this is the cutest thing since Boo’s Instagram came out! Finn + Me was started by Rebecca Fadden in 2017 in the best city in the world New York! She named the brand after her fur-baby Finn and the crazy special relationship that have together. The brand was born on the concept of unexpected and  unique friendships.

During the summer of 2016, Rebecca was traveling throughout Southeast Asia when she met Ruby, a young Vietnamese woman who owns a leather shop in Central Vietnam. Ruby collaborates with talented artisans to create custom leather goods for her customers. Ruby and Rebecca bonded an immediate friendship and they were thrilled to discover that work ethic, kindness and philanthropy were just a few of their shared values. While the two come from opposite sides of the world with very different experiences, they realized that they had much in common.

Travel being one of Rebecca’s passions, she had explored many countries, but had never visited a country as special as Vietnam. Rebecca was touched by the overwhelmingly kind people, rich culture, and contagiously vibrant energy. Less than one year later, Rebecca found herself back in Vietnam developing  finn + me with Ruby.

Rebecca is on the same page as us when it comes to that silly line “Diamonds are a girl's best friend”, ovi these girls have never had a dog in their life. Her hope is that her new line of finn + me will remind us that these unique relationships and believe in serendipity!

The inspiration behind that beautiful collection comes from the one and only New York City. There are five collections, that each have a collar, leash and bag, along with some bandanas. They are all named after iconic NYC hoods and symbols!  


NYC Skyline

Brooklyn Bridge

Central Park


My favorite thing about his new line, is something that EVERY dog mom needs. The pooch purse! This thing is a life safer! I no longer have to take a bag with me on walk to hold my cards and keys! It ALL fits! Makes my walks so much easier and it's also cute AF. Finn + Me is the perfect gift for ANY of the dog lovers in your life, and with the holidays coming up, I would highly suggest to get on this train and stock up!

One more reason why we love Rebecca and her perfect line is that, a portion of proceeds from each collar, leash, and bag set that are sold is donated to The Covenant House New York City; one of the largest privately-funded agencies providing food, shelter, immediate crisis care, and essential services to homeless youth in New York.

Make sure to get your finn + me!