For Dirty Dogs

If you are anything like me your dogs are always dirty. Like always. Maybe its because I live in New York City, and we are always out and about and whenever they find a puddle, or dirt they made a B line straight to it. So when I found For Dirty Dogs, I was automatically obsessed.

For Dirty Dogs was started by two sisters with biology backgrounds that both have a love for natural esthetics and dogs! They found a way to combine the two after dealing with the challenges of their dog, Dyson, he was faced with severe allergies and sensitive skin. What was only started to be a solution to their pups needs, turned out to be a great recipe for dog lovers who like to have their dogs cleaned the natural way.

For Dirty Dogs products are all handmade using the best all natural ingredients. They are using the best of the best for our pups, including all natural preservatives and essential oil. There are no parabens, synthetics or alcohol used in these amazing products.


The one thing I love love about For Dirty Dogs, is their Dry Shampoo! That’s right….. DRY SHAMPOO for dogs! Living in the city, the dogs and I are always on the go, and sometimes I don’t have the time to force them into the backyard, and struggle to get the bath time here and over with. So, now that I have found an all-natural Dry Dog Shampoo, let’s just say my life and theirs is running way better after a few hours at the dog park. It is such an amazing products for me to use in between baths for the pups. Then when it comes to the real deal bath time, we are crazy about the shampoo from For Dirty Dogs, I mean the way it smells… amazing AF! It is also a conditioning shampoo, so their fur is so soft and smells like heaven.

The next time you are looking for some new grooming products, make sure you check out For Dirty Dogs, they are beyond amazing and you will be so pleased.

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