Foster #dogmoms, The real heros.

Sara Thomson,  is doing the job that us Gal's could never do. Loving pups and giving them homes while they wait for their FUR-ever homes. We don't know about you, but we are not that strong of women to be able to be that for dozens of pups. People like Sara are our heros. Knowing that the selfishness of wanting to keep them all, will hold them back from helping others. Here is her story..  

“I could never do what you do”, “I love dogs too much” and “I would keep them all”….I hear these statements all day, every day.  But you need to know why I do what I do….There are so many reasons that I have chosen to foster and the main one being because I love dogs enough.

My foster journey started 1 year ago this month.  My kids and I were at a park when a beautiful brown and white pointer wandered up to us.  She was the sweetest pup, docile and loving and was obviously at some point someone’s pet.  We took her to the vet to check for a microchip, unfortunately there was no chip which meant we had no way to find this baby’s home (insert soap box rant….microchip your furbabies…it’s $20 and worth a million)….I called Harbored Souls Rescue, I had already adopted 2 pups from them and knew they would be able to guide me.  After a short conversation with Karen Dussel, the rescue President, I agreed to foster Cocoa (my sweet daughters named her this because she looked like a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows).  I just knew if we took her to a shelter as an adult, owner surrender, she would be euthanized….that was not going to happen on my watch.

We grew to love Cocoa as one of our own.  We had meet and greets and eventually she chose (yes…she chose) her new forever home.  We as people get selfish and only think about what we want…but what about the dog?  Watching Cocoa instantly connect with her chosen people warmed my heart like you couldn’t believe, I was making a difference in her life and theirs.  The day came for Cocoa to go to her new home and me and my amazing little animal rescuer daughters were in tears….I figured this was our one attempt at fostering, I couldn’t put my babies through that type of heartache again.  Boy was I wrong….as we all dried our tears, my youngest looked at me and said “mama, we have to keep fostering because if we didn’t save Cocoa she would have been killed”.  I told them it would never get easier to say goodbye, my oldest said “But everyone we find a home for is another one we have saved”.  How did I ever get such amazing kids.

So, fast forward 1 year and we have fostered and placed 18 dogs.  Some were small, some were big, some were purebred, some were mutts, some were sick and some were healthy, and all of them had one thing in common.  They needed me and my kiddos.  And we needed them.  Watching foster dogs blossom in your care is the most rewarding thing you can ever be a part of.  They learn to love and trust again, to play again, to be a carefree pup again.

So why do we foster?  We foster because everyone we foster and place is one less dog shivering from fear in a noisy, lonely, shelter.  One less euthanized because a careless owner failed to spay or neuter (another soap box here….fix your pets…it improves their health and behavior, and there are too many homeless dogs now) their pet and now they have “too many dogs”.  We foster because I am teaching my girls to not only love animals, but to respect them and teach them how to be responsible pet owners in the future and give them the knowledge to spread to all of their friends who can then share that knowledge, and so on, and so on….and maybe one day we won’t need to foster because there aren’t so many displaced dogs.  But….until then…oh gotta cut this short… of my foster pups needs love…..