Fresh Is Best

President and Founder of Fresh Is Best, Stacy LaPoint, started this company to achieve her goal of producing a human-quality, raw, grain-free, natural pet food and make it available to pawrents on virtually any budget!

As an avid pet lover, Stacy began her interest in pet nutrition when her dog Jade, a 6 year old German Shepherd, was diagnosed with Addison's Disease in March of 2000. It was that research, to help Jade live with the disease, that led her on a journey of changing her own way of thinking about pet nutrition, food, health, and longevity.

Stacy started preparing dog food at home with several well-known authors' books on pet nutrition as her guides. That led to making food for the pets of several friends and family, whose interests were piqued when they saw the success of raw feeding. Word continued to spread and soon there was a waiting list of people wanting fresh food for their pets. She took on the help of an animal nutrition scientist and, with their support, was able to ensure that the accepted nutritional profiles for dogs, as determined by the Association of Animal Feed Control Officials, are met or exceeded in each recipe.

Stacy named the company with her belief in mind that pets are our truest companions and deserve whole fresh foods for a healthy long life. Now, 17 years later, Fresh Is Best continues to serve fresh whole food, to fur babies all over the USA.

Fresh Is Best products are USDA-inspected, human-quality, antibiotic/hormone-free meats, fresh vegetables, and supplements all completely raised, grown, and made in the USA. All of their products are 100% free of grains, white potato, tapioca, and pea flours. Their dog foods are 20% vegetables and 80% meat/bone. The flavors include beef, chicken, and turkey. #noms

Fresh Is Best treats are freeze-dried and grain-free meat treats. They are made from the same human-quality, USDA meats as their pet food is made from!  These treats possess the nutrition and flavor of raw meat, yet there's no need for refrigeration.

Fresh Is Best treats are convenient with easy to feed pieces that can be used dry as a training treat or a between-meals snack OR you can soak the treats in a dish of warm water and use as a delicious meal topper! Even better is that because they are made of raw meat, they can be used as a meal replacement when boarding or traveling.

When I received our Fresh Is Best box in the mail, I got too excited and didn’t read the directions. I poured the dry product on top of Abbie’s food and she devoured it. I mean INSTANTLY. She loved it! Then I read about soaking it with warm water, etc. But either way, she loved it!! Out of all the treats we owned, the Fresh Is Best Duck Hearts! I have to say that I'm biased to these really cool, freeze-dried, all-natural treats. I LOVE when my pups eat healthy and they enjoy it!

A tasty meal and treats that have the perfection amount of meat and veggies?! COUNT ME IN FOR LIFE! This stuff is amazing! And if it makes my pups happy, it makes me happy.

I admire companies that have a meaningful purpose/story behind them. I love that Stacy researched and did everything she possibly could for Jade. We all know that love and respect that love. I’m glad that she was successful and all of our pups can now benefit from her diligence.

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