Fresh Wave

Having a dog is amazing, like the best thing we has the human race could ever do. As much endless greatness that comes with having a fur-baby, there are a few things that makes are life a little harder. By harder I mean smelly. You know what I mean, that wet dog smell, or that frito smell after a day at the park, or that one time they got into something they shouldn't have and you wake up to the aftermath all over your apartment.


Fresh Wave has come to #dogmoms rescue everywhere! Fresh Wave is a line of all natural and safe oder remove products! They literally get out everything from my best friends workout shoes that she NEVER wears socks with to Rosie after a day at the dog park. She gets really smelly y’all! Fresh Wave is an all natural line of odor removing products that have no toxins and are safe for everyone in your house, especially your fur-babies! Fresh Wave works to break apart the chemical bonds that exist between these molecules, rendering them inert.


They have a product for everything and the are so amazing! Like, we use them all over our apartment, in every room! Let's start with one of my favs the odor removing gels, they are great for every room (esp the bathroom) I hide them behind picture frames so people just think my apartment smells that great. Then let's talk about the odor removing sprays! Y’all these are AMAZING! I spray them on my couch, rugs and bedding every time we get back from the park or beach. They take away all of the puppy smells, like ALL of them! We are also completely obsessed with the Fresh Wave pet shampoo, it smells like heaven and leaves no residue behind on the pups fur, the smell also last for a week or so! Don’t even get me started on the Fresh Wave candles and the laundry boosters! My favorite thing about Fresh Wave is that all of their products come in travel, small and large sizes!

The mission behind Fresh Wave is to provide the most effective solution for a safe and natural odor removal that is safe for every human and pet around! They make sure that all products are made with safe ingredients and that there are no harmful chemicals and that there is no harm being doing to this planet of ours! All of the products work hard to get out the toughest odors but are still simply gentle on the environment!

For all the dog moms out there with the smelly pups (holla, if you feel me), then please do yourself,  your couch and your guest a huge favor buy checking out Fresh Wave! Trust me, They will change your life and make you home feel and smell new again! Also, make sure to stock up on that Fresh Wave dog shampoo, its da best!