4 DIY Dog Mom Halloween Ideas

It’s Halloween season and we know that you already have your fur-baby covered when it comes to the best of the best costume! But… what about you??? I mean, you have to walk the dog so everyone can see how cute he is in that hot dog costume, which mean you need to look just as great! So, since all of us here are a little obsessed with our dogs, or every dog in our lives for that matter, why not fully embrace this obsession on Halloween and go all out! Us gal’s at Gal’s Best Friend are totally rocking that look this year in 3 fun and EASY ways!

crazy dog mom

What you need:

Dogs (stuffed animals)

Dog related shirt

Tennis balls

Hair Rollers

Lint Roller


Dog Mom

What you need:

Dogs (real or stuffed animal)

TOTAL mom outfit (jeans and all)

Pearls and mom mommy things

Dog “baby bag”

Raining Dogs

What you need:

Rain boots

Rain Coat


Cut outs of dogs hanging from brella!




Single Dog Mom

What you need:

Dog Related Shirt

Mini Skirt

Over the Knee Boots

Bag of Balls

Picture of your dog

Stuffed Dog

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