If Care Bears were Dogs! Custom portraits by Goodnight Fox!


If you know us gals at all, or if you have followed Gal’s Best Friend or any of us for any short period of time than you know that we are totally obsessed with our dogs. Like more than the average person, and we are totally aware and okay with that. So when it comes to having photos of them or drawing of them is life to us! We all love having our pups displayed in our home and new and fun ways that aren't the typical photo shot off of our iPhones, so when we saw Good Night Fox we were all automatically hooked! She turned your dogs into real life cartoons with a touch of magic! Not only does she make cute custom portraits she also can turn them into stickers and who doesn't love stickers!


We got the chance to have her make some amazing portraits of our pups along with getting into her head and asking all the questions you are dying to know! See her answers below!

How did you get started?

I started out by just sketching and illustrating animals in my spare time. Eventually, I had a few that I really liked and I decided to create a set from A-Z so that I could make an alphabet poster. My first product ever was a set of alphabet flashcards! After expanding to several other products and getting lots of custom requests, I decided to try my hand at custom pet portraits too!


Tell us about your dog?

I have a 4-year-old labradoodle named Milo! He's absolutely my inspiration. I love the way he tilts his head and perks up his ears when I say some of his favorite words. He's a real snuggler, loves lounging around, and gets super excited when friends and family come to visit. You can follow him at @milo.the.doodle


What and who influence your work?

Since I create a lot of children's and baby products, I'm constantly inspired by other mom-preneurs out there with great handmade products. I love @slumberkins product and photography style and I'm obsessed with finding great nursery inspiration on Pinterest.


What is another dog brand you love and why?

I love @wildebeest_co! Milo has worn their collars since he was a pup and their products are super high quality. I love shopping their bandanas every season (even though my husband refuses to let Milo wear them). They have such fantastic prints, colors, and materials.


What is new for your company?

I love doing custom illustrations, so I've been working on a lot of personalized stickers, portraits, and clothes. I'm a maker at heart so I'm constantly inventing new products and trying out new ideas. It's so exciting to run my own shop and try to figure out where to take it next =).

If you are looking to turn your dog into you Care Bear dreams then please check out her Etsy shop here! These also make amazing gifts for all the dog lovers in your life!

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