Grandma Lucy’s – Organic Dog Food and Treats

Grandma Lucy’s is very much a favorite in our house! Abbie and Gunner devour their organic, grain-free food and treats! Freeze-dried, oven-baked, all-natural, organic, grain-free Grandma Lucy’s… you name it, they favor it. I’m pawsitive your dog(s) will love Grandma Lucy’s too!

Grandma Lucy’s works with the highest quality ingredients and has personal contact with the company’s suppliers and growers. Upon arrival, every piece of meat, fruit, vegetable, etc. are closely inspected to ensure the quality is up to their high standards. Because of this, their products are superior in quality and taste. (Your pup will thank you with lots of kisses.)

You don’t have to worry about your pup’s nutrition when it comes to Grandma Lucy’s. They make all of their food and treats in their own facility in Rancho Santa Margarita, California, from start to finish.

“If we could not eat it, we would never serve it to our pets because we, like you, are concerned and loving pet parents.” – Grandma Lucy’s

I 100% believe this because when I prepared Abbie and Gunner’s meals, Grandma Lucy’s smelled good enough for me to eat it!!! With quinoa and vegetables and quality meats… Your pups will be spoiled (as they should be)!

The variety of products is so wide, you will have a hard time choosing what to get! So let us help you out with a free bag of organic treats to get your pups hooked!

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As a devoted shopaholic, I enjoy buyer incentives and have to tell others about them when I find them! Well, good news ladies and gents, Grandma Lucy’s has a frequent buyer program! When you buy 12 bags of Grandma Lucy’s you get the 13th bag FREE! Get the deets by clicking here.