Hadley Clay

But first, coffee…. That’s the saying right? Well, I am not a coffee drinker, but I LOVE coffee mugs… I know, strange, they are just so much better than normal glasses. With that being said, I now have my new favorite coffee mug, or in my case wine mug.

HOW AMAZING IS THAT!!! I know, crazy huh? I am obsessed… No, I don't think the word obsessed is even the right word to use, when I figure that out, I'll get back to ya!


Hadley is the owner, maker and designer behind Hadley Clay Studio. Since 2009, she has been creating limited edition ceramic goods from her home studio on a little island off of the coast of Georgia. Hadley’s inspiration comes from the relationships people have with animals. Her longtime coffee companion and Cocker Spaniel of 15 years, Plopper, passed away a few years ago. She was heartbroken and to help keep his memory alive, she made a mug featuring him. This idea evolved into offering a line of custom pet mugs for other pet lovers. Hadley says that the stories behind each mug are what inspire her.

These amazing pieces of artwork are something that no one else is doing, and they make the BEST gift! If you are a coffee lover, then you need this. If you know a coffee lover, then you need to gift this. If you are just someone who loves their dog and needs something to drink wine out of… you need this!

Make sure you check out her shop and get one for yourself, your best friend, your mom and anyone you know! You will 100% be the best gift giver of all time.

Hadley Clay

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