HandsOn Gloves - Revolutionizing the Dog Brush


Whether your pup has dandruff, loss of hair, does his fair share of shedding, or just likes to be brushed, we have found the ABSOLUTE most PAWFECT grooming product! All three of us gals were able to test out the HandsOn Gloves and we came up with a unanimous and resounding love for these bad boys! BEST. THING. EVER.

Are the gloves easy to use? Yes! Are they comfortable to wear? Absolutely! Do the dogs love them? Of course! It’s no wonder HandsOn Gloves has won some of the most prestigious awards at some of the best-known pet conventions! We got to ask them some questions to find out who they are and what they stand for. Read their answers below!

How did you get started?


It took 4.5 years to make these gloves, so it’s been a labor of love.  Growing up as a kid I was around dogs and horses and kept noticing we were using the same brushes, blades, and combs that worked ok, but the grooming/bathing process seemed to be not as enjoyable for myself or my pets.  Not to mention, grabbing leashes, shampoo bottles and whatever else I was using at the time, just wasn’t easy when you’re holding a brush. So I started working on a design in my garage and well, years later we had a winner!  I really wanted a glove concept because it allows you to get into areas of your pet’s body that brushes/blades can’t easily reach. Plus, now I can hold whatever else I need for my grooming and bathing sessions. My dogs and horses loved the gloves.  Before they would run from me when they saw a brush or what not, but with the gloves, they would seek me out to get first in line.

Tell us about your pets!

Our pack consists of all rescues, and it’s quite the zoo!  Our dogs are Kye – a greyhound/shepherd mix. We’re pretty sure he ran with the coyotes before we found him – he sounds just like them and still runs/walks like he’s a bit wild.  Bella is our Kuvasz and protector of the pack. Tripp is a mix of, well, we’re not sure. We’re going to do a DNA test soon, but he looks like a Plotthound or Catahoula. And finally, our baby is Juno who we found at about 5 weeks old.  She only weighed 5 pounds and was hit by a car. Today she’s well over 60 pounds and the sweetest pup. And we have 4 horses – Amber, Cheyenne, Lariat, and Key.



Who/What influence your work?


Passion for animals.  It sounds cheesy, but we left behind some pretty great corporate jobs to follow our love, and that’s animals.  We look to our pets to help tell us what works, what makes them happy and what helps forge that bond with them.  We see the cue and in our heads, we’re thinking, now how can we make this easier/better for humans and animals.


Tell us another dog brand you love and why!

Right now we’re really loving Banixx. We have gallons on hand at all times with our crazy zoo. Their anti-fungal sprays and shampoos are great for our horses and dogs since they help with minor scrapes etc. the animals may get running around the farm.  And Freeze Tags because it is a really great product! Our children are 1 and 3, and the Freeze tags help in not waking the kiddos up at night or during naps since the design silences the tags on the collars.


What/Who keeps you inspired?


All the people we meet along the way.  We have met some amazing people and their stories really motivate us to identify ways we can further enhance that human/animal bond.  We’ve also been blown away at the level of compassion our children have developed, particularly for animals. They are big-time animals lovers and will grab a pair of gloves and go love on the dogs. We’re fortunate that our business allows us to share that with them and helps to further develop those traits. 


Anything new for your company in 2018?


We were super excited to win First Place in Grooming Products at Global Pet Expo this past March, following up at our First Place win at SuperZoo last summer.  As for our line, we have lots in store for HandsOn. We’re looking to expand by introducing some new line extensions and new products (be on the lookout soon!) as well as partner with some top trainers in both Pet and Equine along with several worldwide brands.

These gloves are absolutely amazing and words don’t do them justice. I’m telling the 100% honest truth! The HandsOn Gloves are the best thing to ever happen to Abbie and Gunner’s skin and coat. These gloves paired with Petology Shampoo and Conditioner? YOU CAN’T BEAT IT!!!! Get your gloves today while they’re offering FREE SHIPPING!!! We promise this will be one of the BEST purchases for you and your pooch! AND they have sizes for everyone. So, if you don’t want to wash your dogs, have your kids do it, because they even offer junior sizes! HALLELUJAH!

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