Haute Dog Couture Pet Photography

Creating a new website for our blog had been in the works for awhile. We had a lot of different ideas for layouts, color schemes, fonts, etc. But we knew that the biggest improvement, or most important touch, were the images. We wanted pictures that captured the unique vibe, love and style that we have built our dog blog around.

On a crazy Instagram and google binge search, we were overcome by the many pet photographers that we came across. Luckily, we stumbled upon Haute Dog Couture Pet Photography... and the rest is sort of history. Immediately we were hooked, as if the name weren’t reason enough, we saw more than just pretty images of dogs, but actual personalities that were captured in still shots.

Robyn is a woman of our hearts!  Pet photographer, rescuer and all knowing couture connoisseur. She is a jack of all trades in the pet world and she holds a true talent for capturing your best friend in all of their sophisticated corkiness and furry glory!

Having five dogs of her own, she knows better than anyone, exactly what it means to be a dog mom. Beyond her crazy dog lover heart, she has distinguished and awarded talent that she’s earned with formal photography training AND dog behavior training. Basically, she is our idol.

Working with Robyn was like a dream. It was simple, concrete and organized. Not that I am at all acquainted with the whole professional photography experience, but as cheesy as it sounds, I was blown away.

The Planning Process

After emailing with Robyn and confirming our photo session, she immediately set up a time for a phone call. Upon first speaking with her I instantly found myself talking to her as if she was one of my girlfriends. The conversation went by with ease as she genuinely wanted to know every single detail about Drake, how he came into my life, his corks, his favorite treats and even sounds. Never once did I feel silly. She put my mind at ease as I told her my worries about Drake’s demeanor and overall moody attitude, I truly felt like I was talking to a friend.

As if our phone call wasn’t enough, on behalf of her gratitude and excitement, she sent each of us Gals a thank you note along with a gift card for coffee! Talk about being spoiled.

The Total Photography Experience

Being the only “photographer” in my dog's life, I didn’t really know what to expect at the photo shoot. As we arrived, we came prepared with toys and treats, along with a slew of our own personal items; brush and teaser combs, lip gloss… the whole nine yards. Juggling five dogs in addition to the luggage we trailed, we looked ridiculous. Robyn met us with smiles and immediately became THE dog whisperer.

During the entire experience, Robyn attacked each shot with pure patience and attention. She waited until the DOG was ready to capture each moment and even calmed us crazy humans, who continuously were frustrated when our pups wouldn’t cooperate. She was a true professional and adoring dog lover all rolled into one, pulling tricks out of her sleeve that I’ve never seen or, better yet, heard before! She brought our dogs personalities to life with crazy noises that even got our heads tilting!

The Reveal Session

Champagne and macaroons. Enough said. As soon as we walked in, we were in heaven. Covered in dog crazed glamour, Robyn’s studio was filled with everything dog and everything fashion. The welcoming vibe that greeted us allowed us to cozy up on the couch and feel like celebrities as we sipped champagne and reminisced on our photo experience together.

As we looked through all of the images, she laughed and awed along with us in true joy and patience as we went back and forth trying to make difficult decisions over our favorites.


“From the intricate details of capturing your dog's celebrity to gifts and surprises along the way, I delight in spoiling my clients and consistently strive not just to leave you happy with your artwork, but enchanted with the entire affair.”


By choosing Haute Dog Photography you are choosing more than talent, you’re choosing someone to capture those entangled details of your dog's personality that make him or her unique to you.

Distinctive fashion-forward pet photography in the Dallas - Ft. Worth area and now, even nationwide!

Visit http://www.hautedogpetphotography.com/ today and see all that enchanted us!