Dog Mom Home Goals!

DOG MOM HOME GOALS!!! If you are anything like me, you have WAY too much stuff for your dog. Like WAY too much. Like more stuff then your best friends new born baby has. But hey, they needed it ALL! Like they had to have all 39 bandanas, because you want them to match the weather and the way they are feeling that day. They need all 59 toys, because they get sick of playing with the same ones over and over again, so you get new ones and just switch them out every other week. The 5 different shampoos are 100% a must have too, because who likes to smell the same way every day of their lives!! Treats, um hello, how annoyed would you be if you ate the same Goldfish, or crackers and cheese every day, they need a variety too, it’s only fair. And the list goes on and on!! The only problem all this causes (besides in your wallet) is where are you going to put it all? I had a minor panic attack a few weeks ago, when I kept seeing dog stuff every place I turned in my small Upper East Side apartment, so the search began for storage idea. I have pulled together some of my favorite storage ideas and even some dog rooms to achieve major #homegoals for every dog mom! Enjoy!!