Hound & Co

Bath time, Pharrell and Rosie’s favorite time…..not. I still can’t wrap my head around why they hate it so much, I mean, if someone was rubbing all over me and cleaning me as I just sat there….I would be in heaven. But for some reason, my dogs must think that I am trying to kill them. With all that being said, I at least love to use amazing products while I am killing them softly in the warm bath that I have drawn for them. So when we came across Hound & Co. I knew we hit the jackpot!

Hound & Co originally started up as nothing more than a personal project to find chemical free and natural shampoos for their pup, Stevie. Stevie is a rescue dog from a shelter that finds and fosters at risk dogs from developing nations so when they got Stevie, they wanted to make sure they gave her all the care and attention she didn’t get at the start of her life.

Hound & Co believes most of us #dogmoms feel the same way they do about our fur-babies and want to do everything we can to protect them from harmful pesticides and chemicals. This is why all of their shampoos and conditioners are formulated with natural, organic ingredients and without parabens and sodium lauryl sulfates. They also use essential oils over than artificial fragrances. They are not harmful to dogs, their humans, or the environment.

I personally LOVE these shampoos and conditioners, they smell AMAZING, like I almost wanted to try it for myself, but my boyfriend talked me out of it and said it would be selfish for me to take some away from the pups, whatever.

Hound and Co also has handmade collars and leashes that are beautiful. They are made from real full grain leather and finished with solid brass hardware. They come in a number of sizes and three amazing colors: Natural leather, brown and black.

All of Hound & Co.  products are made in British Columbia, Canada.


One of my favorite things about this amazing company is that a part of all their profits go to local organizations like where they adopted Stevie from! They wanted to make sure they are opening doors to giving other at risk pups like Stevie a chance at a good life as well!

If are looking to switch up your grooming products, trust me head over to Hound & C0, you will not regret it….Pharrell, Rosie and I promise!

IG: @shophoundco

Megan Rose