Hunter & Co.

Y’all already know! I love my pups in some good ol bandanas. I just love them, no real reason behind it besides that they look cute AF on them! I mean look how great they look in these two from Hunter and Co!

It all started with the brains behind it all started making bandanas for her dog Hunter (check out his IG, he is SO cute @hunter_thelabradoodle). She had been searching online to find fun bandana fro Hinter to wear but nothing ever jumped out at her, so she took the doggie fashion matter into her own crafty hands.

The Hunter Dog offers so many amazing choices of colors, spots, stripes, chevron and other great patterns that you never really see, or at least not on a puppies neck.

One of the things I love so much about this awesome Etsy shop is how clean it is. She makes you feel like you are spending $80 on a bandana, when in reality it is less that half that price! But the way she had everything set up, you feel like a million bucks doing a little doggy Etsy shopping!

The next time you are in the market for some neck swag for you four-legged ball of love make sure The Hunter & Co is one of your first stops!

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