So we all know that I am obsessed with my dogs. Like, the amount of things I have with their faces on it is a little concerning to the average person walking into my apartment. But, I do not let that stop my collection from growing! I recently came across HYLA F., and when I told you I was automatically in love with her and her work, that would actually be an complete understatements.

Hyla Frank got her start because two of her close friends were moving into apartment that didn't allow them to have dogs. This forces them to their their fur-babies at home with their families. She wanted to do something for them that still made it possible for them have their loves in their apartments in some way. So she embroidered them on pillows. Before this, she had a background in embroidery and textile design so it was a technique that she was already very comfortable with, which you can obviously tell by her work . The initial idea of the pillows was to be cute and loving gifts, but as the idea kept growing and the word spread more and more people were reaching out to get one of these custom pillow of their fur-babies. These pillows are so tastefully done, that they showcase your love for your fur-child without making you look like an absolute #crazydoglady (not that there is ANYTHING wrong with that)! But, for those that want a more settle way to express their love, HYLA F. will do that for you with style and grace. She states that making each pillow such a fun way for her to connect with dog owners all over the world, as she always gets a little backstory on the connection with between human + pup!

What makes this girl crush even bigger is that she just recently adopted her pup! Her twin brother volunteers with a rescue group in L.A., Wags & Walk. She went to an event to support her brother and ended up falling in love with her now fur-baby, Ollie who really sparked her passion for dogs and specifically rescue dogs. After seeing how different of a dog Ollie became when she first  met him at the rescue event  (shy and timid) vs. when he came to my home (comfortable and energetic) really showed her how much of a difference they both made in each others lives.

HYLA F. is  currently doing a 20% off discount for Animal Haven in NYC, so a portion of the proceeds will go to their organization. The discount code is HAVENPILLOWS.  

If you are looking for a gift for that one #dogmom in your life that has everything or you just want to spoil yourself PLEASE do yourself a huge ass favor her check out HYLA F. this is an investment you not regret! She also makes custom bags and t-shirts!