What do you do every night before you go to bed, or every morning before you get out of bed? Insta-stalking all the pups, duh! Instagram has become such a huge player across our lives in every shape and form. We decided who we are going to wear, what we are going to eat, where we are going to vacation, and even which is best for our pups ALL from the influencers we follow on social media. Because what they say is what matters, right? YES! Well, for the most part! Also, dog influencers are just cute AF to look at all the time! We have pulled some of our top fav dog instagramers that we all personally love to stalk!


Chelsea, Abbie & Gunner’s Favs


@jackson_the_dalmation, As if a puppy and his fur brothers could get any cuter?! These pups are just DARLING! Their facial expressions, the lighting of their photos, the content of their posts… I LOVE IT ALL! Jackson should be on the cover of puppy GQ. He has the most stylish wardrobe and beautiful eyes that will just pull you in! He will make you fall in love with a simple double click. <3


@lincoln_the_pointeraner, I can’t get enough of Lincoln’s IG stories. He and his fur siblings CRACK. ME. UP!!! I might be slightly biased because he looks like Brett Eldredge’s dog, but he is SUCH a cutie! Pointers of any kind have very silly personalities. So I love watching his every day events, especially with his hooman sisters. I mean… kids and dogs.. Do I need to say more?!


@griffin_sharpei, WRINKLESSSSS. I grew up with a Shar Pei, so again, I’m probably biased, but Griffin has beautiful and light photos, great content, and lots of wrinkles. Did I say wrinkles? Get this squishy face ALL over your IG feed! You need him in your life! … NOW!


Megan, Pharrell, Rosie & Rumba’s Favs


@honeyidressedthepug I love Ari + M, they are everything and more that I want my life to be. First off they come from my dream of a location, London! All of her photos with her sweet Pug Ari are full of beautiful shots of them twinning all over Chelsea with those bright house! My fav duo just moved to NYC, so I can’t wait to get our #dogmom tribe growing on the East Coast!


@veryire, love these two!!!! I mean, first off they are so freaking cute, both of them. They are based in San Fran, but don't stay there long! This perfect Husky and his human travel the world y’all! Not just the states BUT the world, everywhere from Italy to Paris to NYC! Travel buddy goals!


@being.maxwell, Maxwell is a adopted minpin from New York, who will steal your heart as soon as you press follow on his account. His human and him are just as cute as it get, with their matching outfits and perfect photos all over New York State! Maxwell is always wearing the newest trends and looks sharp AF at all times!


@olgavang, So the fact that I can’t read anything on this page and I am still obsessed with it should say enough. This pupper and his momma are Russian are living the life, well as far as I can see, who knows what those captions are saying! Her feed is absolutely beautiful with her bright photos, white backgrounds and perfect dalmatian in every shot! If you are in the need for some IG mood inspiration, this is the account to follow!  

@yulia_and_maximus, if I could imagine what it is like to live in a disney movie with my dog, I would guess this is what it would look like, Golden and all! This account is ALSO in Russian, but I can’t seem to get enough of it! I feel like she has a photographer just following her around all time, catching the perfect photos of her and her babe! If there is anyone out there that would like to do this for me, please hit me up! ;)


Jessica & Drake's Favs


@rescueinstyle, Has my dream job! First of all, not only does she surround herself with countless dogs, BUT she is also helping them all find a #furever home! Big, small, fluffy, shaggy- you name it... she’s saved it! Christine spends her free time doing what all of us dog moms love to do: dress up, pet dogs and take pictures! Taking “adoption photos” to an entire new level, Christine showcases homeless pups in a brand new light! Since we are painfully aware of the lack of quality for most photographs taken of shelter dogs, her Rescue Runway shots are one of a kind! Christine- if you ever need any help, I’m your girl! #fangirl


@scarleysworld, I. Can’t. Even. Handle. It. But for real. My heart is full every time I look at this page. What an incredible talent this mom has to be able to capture the pure love between a little girl and her dog. But honestly, what makes me melt even more is the fact that her pup is the one and only, misunderstood, “pitbull”. In a time when this breed is fighting for their innocence, these photographs are a breath of fresh air and, sorry #notsorry, a slap in the face to all of the haters out there! #justiceforbullies

@wellettas, When you mix rescue dogs with rescue cats, I become a little bit obsessed. Now throw in a cute baby or two in the mix, and I am hooked! Since I am horribly allergic to cats and Drake sees them as the equivalent of a squirrel (if you catch my drift), I have to live vicariously through Elizabeth Spence. Her delicate photographs capture the simplistic love that can be found across all kinds of species. If you’re looking for a little pick me up, visit her page and you won’t be able to deny the smile on your lips!!