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If you follow us at all or if you follow our NYC bloggers Pharrell, Rosie and the newest member to the pack, Rumba, then you know that we are all obsessed with the Brooklyn-based company, Dog Parker, who is run by a fellow bad ass dog mom. If you don’t know anything about Dog Parker, then let us fill you in. Dog Parker is a network of smart dog houses on the streets of Brooklyn in New York City. They are high-tech, internet-connected, safe, air-conditioned, clean and just an all-around cute AF place to keep your fur-baby while you run into your local wine shop to get that rosé! Instead of having to leave your fur-child at home while you run out to get a few things done, or even worse, tying them up outside (side note: PLEASE stop doing this, it is not worth it. Your pup can get hurt, hurt someone else or another dog or heaven forbid be taken). Dog Parker has taken all that worry and stress away by providing a safe place for our dogs to wait. And the best thing about it is MOST dogs really enjoy it! I have two Border Collies, and people that know BCs know that they can be very challenging, they don’t do well with loud sounds, they don't like to not be in control, they are smarter than their owners and the list goes on and on. But I am here to tell you that they both love it SO much, that when we are walking down the street and Rosie sees one, she pulls me all the way down the street till we get to the Dog Parker and then she automatically lays down and waits for me to let her in while she has her “Rosie Time” in the Dog Parker.

Basically how it works is you download the Dog Parker app and just sign up! Your first week is completely free, a time for you and your pup to get used to the Dog Parker. After your first week you are then charged by the minute, because this is intended to be used for short trips, at only $0.20 per minute. The maximum time limit for a session is 90 minutes, with the current average trip being 15 minutes.  

Once you are all signed up, you simply reserve a Dog Parker on the Dog Parker App. When you arrive to your location you can use the app (or a member card you receive in the mail!) to unlock and lock the house. Once you start your session, no other person, even if they’re a member, can open or close the Dog Parker so your fur-baby is safe and sound.

The Dog Parker is spacious enough to fit most breeds, from your feisty Chihuahua to your lap dog or even a German Shepherd. In fact, Pharrell and Rosie fit in perfectly together. The app also offers users easy access to dozens of Dog Parkers and a webcam that shows what your pup is up to in real time inside the Dog Parker! During sign up they also make sure members confirm their dog is up to date on vaccinations, to ensure the safety of all other pets.

Oh just wait, this post is about to get better for you. Dog Parker is looking to expand in a major way (nationwide) and they want you to be apart of it! They are looking for investors, and who is a better investor for an amazing dog company run by a dog mom than a whole bunch of other dog moms?! They are running this campaign on WeFunder, which is a crowdfunding service that connects startups with investors online. They are helping to grow not only small to big startups but to also build the communities around the companies!

So far they have raised over $50K with 91 investors, Dog Parker’s goal is to raise $250K, so there is room for you and your fur-babies to be part of it! During their pilot launch in in Brooklyn, Dog Parker launched 40 houses and currently has over 900+ members. They are now expanding across this great, dog-loving nation of ours to 20 new cities, including San Francisco and Atlanta! With this amazing expansion they are wanting dog lovers, dog owners and even their dogs to be part of this one-of-a-kind dog-friendly movement by investing! The minimum investment is only $250, y’all that's cheaper than a bag ON SALE at Henri Bendel! The best part is you don't have to be an accredited investor, literally anyone and anypup can do it! As someone who knows the founders personally, knows their hearts for both pups and humans alike, and most of all knows their passion for this company, when I tell you that this is going somewhere, and going somewhere big, I mean it. You can invest HERE!

More tail waggin facts!

  • Dog Parkers have logged over 45,000 operational minutes across more than 3,000 sessions since January 2017

  • Raised $3 million to date.

  • 900 members with 65% repeat customer rate

  • Expanded a fully operational, city-based network with paying customers on both sides of our market.

  • Backed by a major dog organization, leading consumer-focused VCs, and other pet tech and smart city entrepreneurs.

  • Completed the design for manufacturing process and a fully built technology system including fleet management software and a new mobile app

  • Accepted to the prestigious Entrepreneurs Roundtable Tech Accelerator in New York City.

Check out this video starring Pharrell and Rosie because, well, they just love it so much that they demand to be in all promos!


Here is a letter from the two amazing puppy-loving founders Chelsea and Todd:


To our friends, members and supporters:

Since Day #1 of this crazy entrepreneurial journey, Dog Parker has received an unbelievable amount of enthusiasm and cheerleading from all of you, and it’s buoyed us along the way. Thank you! We are endlessly energized by how many people share our vision, and we’re so proud of how much progress we’ve made on that vision so far.

In addition to enthusiasm and cheerleading, Dog Parker has received an average of a dozen emails a week from people eager to partner with us, franchise or invest. Our answer has always been “Not quite yet… but we’ll let you know when” because we’ve been very busy building out the core functions of our business.

Well... we’re ready! After a wildly successful pilot year, we along with our investors are excited to open up the opportunity for all of you to join us as shareholders in this company. We’re working with WeFunder, a platform that allows everyday people to invest in ideas they love, whether they’re Accredited Investors or not.

Invest in something you love. Invest in Dog Parker! Your investment will help expand the network of Dog Parkers across the US and keep even more adventurous dogs safe and comfy.

Let’s make the future more dog friendly!

Dog Parker is the next big thing in the dog world! It’s not only keeping dogs safe, it's also helping companies become dog friendly, giving your pup that extra walk and most of all giving humans and hounds even more time together!

If y’all have any questions whatsoever about anything Dog Parker, please just shoot Chelsea an email at, and she will answer any of your questions!


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