Bandanas on Bandanas on Bandanas!!!! Basically how the pups and I like to live our lives! If you follow @pharrellandrosie you already know that #dogsinbandanas is one of our favorite hashtags! SO whenever I find a new company that is killing the bandana game, you already know I am all over it and want to share

 it with all my fellow #dogmommas! That brings me to JoshiDoes! Just look how cute P and Rosie look in his amazing designs!

JoshiDoes, is all the work of Josem who goes by Joshi….hints JoshiDose! Ever since Joshi was a little kid he loved to draw and design covers for her yearbook, events and whatever else he could get his hands on! One Joshi met his husband they both started watching Project Runway and fell in love with how these people would design and create beautiful downs and they both started to joke and pretend that he would be on the show one day. That Christmas Joshi hubby bought him a sewing machine, Joshi was super excited and started designing and creating clothes for their dogs! Once people got a look at how talented he was, the next step was ovi…. An Etsy shop!

If you are in the market for some new puppy swag, weathers its bandanas or bowties, make sure you check out Joshi and all the amazing designs he has to offer!

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