There are so many amazing things about having two dogs. I always have someone licking my face, I have a place to put both of my hands at all time, they LOVE each other, they play with each other all day and I never feel bad for leaving them at home. The only thing that has been sort of a problem would be our walks. Two dogs, two leashes, being pulled in two different directions. And sweet, beautiful Rosie, is the worst at walking on a leash, she pulls as if she sees Justin Bieber in the distinct. Then I found LeashBoss, and my life was changed!!!

LeashBoss was started with the idea to design a better leash for dog owners with large dogs that pulled. It all started when Paul and Erin got their two rescue pups, Remy and Wyatt. They didn’t know how to walk on a leash and pulled, a lot. This left Paul and Erin with hands hurting and being very annoyed and frustrated. After many iterations and several shots of tequila, the LeashBoss Original tow handle dog leash was born! They started to make this amazing product available to the public and their customers raved about how great it was! LeashBoss only uses the most durable materials for high quality products!

They have so many amazing products for every type of dog.

If you were like me and hated having to go on walks, then make you check out LeashBoss! They have changed the walks not only for me but for Rosie and Pharrell as well. We can now enjoy the many walks we take a day without the pulling and me yelling STOP every few feet!!!

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