Leela Ryan Dog Treats

There is nothing more that i love then a great brand right out of NYC for Pharrell. And what makes me love this brand even more, is that it is so feminine, modern, chic and just pretty! It makes me want to go shopping, get on pinterest or just go get brunch with some of my best friends. I love everything about the look and brand image of Leela Ryan!

There amazing treats for your fur-baby are all organic and each one is only made with 3 ingredients. She has names the treats based on stories from champagne at brunch, cozy weekends and fun getaways, the thing that all of us really love! There is nothing i don’t love about these treats, i love the way the look on my counter, i love the way they are made, and most of all i love how much Pharrell loves them!

Banana Pudding– Oats, Peanut Butter & Banana

Tart Aux Pommes– Oats, Apples & Cinnamon

Wild Berry Scones– Oats, Strawberries & Blueberries