Legendary Canine Shampoo

I have two very active pups, I know, I know…. I signed up for that with two young Border Collies! With that being said we are out and about all the time. Weather it is the park in the Upper East Side, Central Park or going out to Long Island for the weekend. They need a lot of room to run, but that means the get real dirty, get cuts and are around so many different kinds of bugs. So I am always looking for the best grooming products. And when I came across Legendary Canine, I was blown away.


Legendary Canine has done all the research and has read every label out there, and realized that most pet products marketing is not 100% honest. After discovering this and being unsatisfied with what the pet market had to offer, they started to make their own dog care products that are 100% natural and dog safe ingredients.


They have so many amazing products for dogs that are out and about in the city or in the woods! They have everything you need from shampoos, to products for skin irritations and bug spray!

Regular Dog Shampoo

This gentle, 100% natural, silk infused bar is suited for dogs with dry skin or allergies and safe for frequent use.

Healer Dog Shampoo

This 100% natural, silk infused healing bar reduces itch and hot spots flare ups while promoting hair growth. It’s quick to lather and easy to rinse.

Wound & Hotspot Spray

This 100% natural, sting-free formula reduces redness and itch of hot spots and skin irritations. Results often seen after first use.

Dry Dog Shampoo

This 100% natural dog deodorizer can be used frequently without drying out your dog’s coat. Excellent quick alternative to bathing. Can also be used to deodorize dog bedding and potty accidents.

Bug Spray

We know how important it is for you to be outside with your dog. That’s why we made our 100% natural Bug Spray so you can hike, run, bike, walk or sit around the campfire with your dog!  Our formula has been tested in rugged provinces of Canada and works best on mosquitoes, fleas, flies and ticks.

If you are looking for some new products to keep you pup safe and clean then make sure you check out this amazing company!


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