Lion + Wolf


As a girl that has always been obsessed with fashion and everything that has to do with it, combining my two passions is only natural. Pharrell, Rosie and Rumba never stood a chance with me. Bandanas, bowties and so much more is in their future forever. I am always, ALWAYS on the lookout for the newest trends in the doggy-world. I love finding new designers that are just as crazy about dogs and fashion as I am. Lion + Wolf has been added to our list of must haves!

Sarah is the mastermind behind this beautifully thought out company for pets and their fashion loving owners! Sarah has always been an animal lover and decided to combine that with her background as a textile designer when she founded Lion + Wolf in 2015. She wanted to bring some excitement, color, and good design to the pet accessories market. And she did just that!

Sarah studied textile design at Rhode Island School of Design, and worked for a variety of textile companies, including knitwear designers and homeware manufacturers, both in England and the USA. After juggling a variety of careers, she came up with the idea of Lion + Wolf, and was excited to be able to combine her passion for design with my love for animals by creating modern pet goods. It all started when Phife, the Miniature Schnauzer, joined her pack of animals and they began what turned out to be an epic hunt for a colorful dog bed. They were underwhelmed by the plethora of beige, navy and plaid dog beds available and it was nearly impossible to find modern, well-design dog beds. Nothing fit in with the design aesthetic of their fun home and they wondered: why shouldn’t their dog’s bed look cool too? So they set out to solve that problem, and Lion + Wolf was born. The name Lion + Wolf pays homage to all those domestic lions and wolves (i.e. dogs and cats) that rule our homes, steal our hearts and love us unconditionally!

The company is based out of Somerville, MA (right outside of Boston) this is where they make their dog bed covers, dog bandanas, and dog collars in-house; their amazing downy pet bed pillows are made in California, and everything is sourced with as many materials as they can get within the states. They make everything from pet beds to bandanas all with us design-conscious owners in mind. One of my favorite thing about Lion + wolf is the beds they are all so unique and the perfect size and comfortability for your fur-baby but still so stylish to display in your home. Lion + Wolf  doesn't think pet owners should have compromise style for function when it comes to choosing a pet bed. They know from firsthand experience that fur balls, rawhide drool, and muddy paws are a fact of life with dogs, so it was a no-brainer that their pet beds had to be durable enough to withstand repeated laundering and those essential nest-digging sessions – and look good while doing so!

All of the accessories are just as cute and thought out as the beds. The dog collars are made with amazing durable metal hardware and buckles. The bandanas are so colorful and fun and are two-sided, sooo, two for one (#holla). If you are looking for some new puppy swag for your digs, and some adorable and fun collars and bandanas, make sure you check out this amazing company!

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